Meet Stephanie Dalfonzo

I help people uncover & heal the stuff from their past they don't even know has been holding them back.

Reclaim YOUR power and live the life of your dreams.

I've struggled with anxiety too... 


I've been there too.

I have been on a lifelong journey of struggling with relationships, fear, insomnia, and downright panic for a good part of my life. When I saw that this was affecting my children, I knew I had to change so I did not pass this often-hereditary habit on to my dear children. I started the process of learning how to break free from the invisible bonds of anxiety and have spent over 20 years researching holistic, natural, and scientifically proven methodologies.

I already knew that “one size fits all” would not work for me or anyone else for that matter. This was my mantra in my quest for learning and healing which led to extensive training programs and/or certifications in hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping, Neurolinguistic Programming, reiki, yoga and more.

stephanie dalfonzo tree pose

I have come to learn that my introduction to anxiety started in the womb. Needless to say, my relationship with my mother was challenging and my father died by suicide when I was 17. Thinking that a change of location would change my life, not long after that I took off and started my life as an adult.

In the 1980s and 1990s my first career was as celebrity radio DJ “Stevie Knox” in south Florida. Starting a family and following my husband Michael’s career, which included moving across the country several times, required a change in direction.

On the surface, I was a success, deep down I was starting to understand that regardless of the external changes happening in my life, until I changed the ongoing battle on the inside nothing would change. This is when the learning started, once I knew that we were settled for a stretch, I opened a hypnosis office which I successfully operated for 10 years.

As my skills grew past hypnosis, I became open to healing and growing in ways I never imagined. The powerful techniques and exercises I was learning and living grew to be part of the work I did with clients too and the results were life-changing and lasting. As my learning and work integrated more deeply, I closed my hypnosis practice and now work with clients virtually, often from my outdoor office. Additionally, I often speak at inspirational and conscious business conferences and as a guest contributor at small, intimate transformational retreats.

Consider me your personal cheerleader, mentor, guide and coach.

I live in Connecticut with Michael, my husband of over 30 years and our two rescue dogs Maggie and Claire. My awesome adult children, Crissi and Greg are making their mark in the world.

May you be happy. May you be healthy in every way. May you live with ease and grace.