Sarah came to me for her “crippling fear of flying” (her words) at 19 years old.  Here she is skydiving out of an airplane!  AND she went on to build a very successful business as The Fi veFoot Traveler!

sarah skydiving

11 year old Rhyan used to have to be held down by 2 adults to receive her shots, while she was kicking and screaming.

Her mother said “Not to sound corny, but this was miracle level stuff!” Her pediatrician has been sending me patients with fears for over a decade.


fear of needles - GONE!
















Alison had a debilitating fear of highway driving.  Here she is, after driving 50 miles to see her sister – FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TEN YEARS!

overcome fear of highway driving



























Here is her sister Kristen, who struggled with panic attacks, anxiety, sleep issues and more for over a year.  She’s doing quite well now!

panic attacks and anxiety gone!