fear of needles - GONE!

How to overcome fear of needles. That is not something this sweet young girl’s mother ever thought she would get an answer to. Yet, after years of having to be restrained by 2 medical professionals while she was kicking and screaming and flailing around, here she is recently getting her flu shot as calm as can be. Her mom said “Not to be corny, but this was miracle level stuff!”

What is needle phobia? It’s a fear of needles and shots and is much more common than people think! If you struggle with the idea of willingly going to get shots, know that you are not alone and I can help!

This young girl’s pediatrician sent her to me and has been referring patients for over a decade because she sees the results!

Let’ have a no cost, no pressure 20 minute conversation to see if we are a good fit to work together. What have you got to lose (except your fear?!)