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Group Coaching Program

Goodbye Anxiety Hello Freedom Book

Discover how to face life's challenges with calm, peace, and joy, no matter what's going on around you.

This course is for:

Women Entrepreneurs

who want to reduce stress, increase revenue and feel comfort in any social setting.

Busy Moms

who want to find a moment of solitude and relaxation without anxious thoughts getting in the way.

Empty Nesters

who want expert guidance to help you follow the path you've always dreamed of, now that you have time for YOU!

Stephanie Dalfonzo hypnosis for anxiety

Hi, I'm Stephanie

I've spent more than 20 years researching simple ways to calm stress and anxiety.

What started as a quest to calm my own anxiety and to learn how to sleep well again, turned into my mission of helping people like you to easily find their calm - no matter what is going on around them.

Maybe you've tried hours and months (maybe years?) of therapy, pills, potions, positive thinking, affirmations, books, podcasts, and more -- only to be disappointed - AGAIN.

I wrote the book "Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom," with 35 simple science-backed strategies to calm stress and anxiety. Along with that, I have worked 1:1 with thousands of clients from 8 - 82 for close to 20 years.

But something was missing - and here it is - my affordable group coaching program! I have wanted to offer this for years and I am excited to go on this journey with you!

If you are ready to break the cycle of short-term change and finally live a life of MEANINGFUL joy, abundance and emotional freedom, I'd love to have you join us!

We meet the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7pm Eastern Time. Zoom link provided upon registration.

How It Works

This science-backed program is grounded in research and designed specifically to launch you into a better version of yourself.

We meet twice a month over Zoom.  All sessions are recorded and you have access to them for as long as you are in the program.

We will share meditations and specific strategies and techniques from my book "Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom."

There will be time for on-the-spot laser coaching, Q & A and small group discussions.

For added support, There also is a private Facebook group for those who wish to participate.

"We are stronger together than we are alone." - Walter Payton

In the privacy of your own home

My first career was as Celebrity Radio DJ "Stevie Knox." Aside from being an incredible amount of fun, being on the radio was excellent training for me to be able to work online. I closed my office in 2015 to work virtually, so I could work with clients from around the globe.

Our Zoom meetings give you the privacy and flexibility of dialing in from wherever you are - without worrying about traffic, finding a parking space, etc.

blowing bubbles for stress relief

Are you ready to...

  • Take control of your stress
  • Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Hello to Freedom
  • Live your best, stress-free life
  • Find balance in your daily life
  • Feel peace without feeling loopy
  • Get the same calming, wind-down-the-day effect without reaching for a pill, potion or alcohol
stress relief

Just Imagine...

  • Enjoy more happiness, abundance, and joy
  • Learn how to re-wire your anxious brain
  • Easily switch from anxious thoughts and daily worry to inner peace and calm
  • Stop focusing on what you don't want and create the life of your dreams
  • Create your personalized toolkit of strategies and techniques

All for less than your daily coffee habit!

empty nesters

Details - the fine print

The Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom Group Program operates on an auto-renewing recurring charge basis - $99 every 3 months.

 However, we understand that circumstances may change, so you have the freedom to cancel your Membership at any time before the next billing cycle, without any obligations. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Once you register, your credit card will be charged every 90 days, unless you decide to cancel before the next billing cycle. If, for any reason, your credit card is declined during the auto-renewal process, our team will make an effort to reach out to assist you in updating your payment information. However, if we do not receive the necessary details, you will be removed from the program.

If you request to cancel after the auto-renewal has been processed, we are unable to refund you for that particular pay period. Nevertheless, we will promptly process your cancellation and ensure that you will not be charged again. You will continue to have access to the Goodbye Anxiety Group until your membership expires.

We value your satisfaction and are here to address any concerns you may have regarding payment or cancellation. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you require further assistance.

We meet the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 7pm Eastern time.


“I was up to at least 10 panic attacks every day. Now, even though I’ve been going through a new intense season, I have been able to respond instead of react when I come into contact with stressful situations. With Stephanie at your side, you can literally face anything this world brings into your life. I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Kristin N. Spencer

The Ghostwriting 👻 Copywriter ✍️

Kristin N. Spencer Copywriter

When you have anxiety or grief, even the idea of getting help (or reading a book) seems daunting. Stephanie makes it easy & effective. She gets how it feels in that “stuck” place, and is anything but a chore. She doesn’t offer hollow tips or affirmations, but simple tools, seamlessly incorporated into one's day. The trick is to PRACTICE them.

S. Lucia Kanter St. Amour

Attorney, Author

S. Lucia Kanter St. Amour

“Stephanie was a key factor in my ability to move out of a debilitating pattern of daily panic attacks. I worked with her for three months, and since the beginning of that process I have been panic attack free (almost a year). She is an empathetic listener and provided tools for me to use daily to stay on track.”

Kristen Vallejo


Kristen Vallejo photographer

What are you waiting for?

The past several years have been ROUGH, and if we have learned anything, I think most of us would agree that more than anything, we want to be happy.  Why put it off any longer? Join a group of supportive, like-minded people who are ready to say "Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom!"




/3 months

For less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, get the support you have been looking for and live the life of your dreams!





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The simplest, fastest and most effective, flexible move.

**By participating in this program, I understand and agree hypnosis coaching does not constitute mental health or medical treatment of any kind. I understand and agree that Stephanie Dalfonzo does not diagnose, prescribe or treat anything.