Meet Hypnosis Expert, Stephanie Dalfonzo

I help high achieving women say goodbye to what's not working and hello to what's new and possible! As a hypnosis expert for 16 years, I have helped thousands of clients do the healing work around stress and anxiety, sleep issues, overcome fear and more.  We tune into you, tune out the static, and turn up your JOY!

I've struggled too... 

I've been through some pretty big life challenges - divorced parents, family suicide, spouse's health challenges, sexual trauma, and two cross country moves just to name a few. I needed to dial into the joy I knew was inside me somewhere, but boy was it covered up with a lot of shit! I began my own healing journey.

stephanie dalfonzo tree pose

At 14 years-old, I hitchhiked my way to the train station to go into downtown Philadelphia and hang out with DJ Maureen Flaherty at WYSP. My first time in the radio booth and I was hooked!  I decided I was going to become a radio DJ and I made it happen! For 15 years I was celebrity radio DJ “Stevie Knox.” I spent those years having a blast and “hypnotizing my listeners” to come back day after day with great music and the promise of possibilities.

"Stevie Knox" - Love the hair, right?!

After pausing my radio career to raise our 2 kids, my husband was told he needed a liver transplant. After nearly dying multiple times, he thankfully received his life saving transplant. I needed to reinvent myself and began training as a life coach. I then went on to learn hypnosis and before the training was over, I had rented an office, gotten a website, etc.

I was astounded at how easy change can be! And how adaptable YOU can be!

I know firsthand that, no matter how stuck you may feel, you can make the choice to be happy and free. Just like I used my voice to "hypnotize" my listeners to come back day after day, I now use my voice as a hypnotist to help my clients say goodbye to what’s not working, and say hello to what’s new and possible!

Consider me your personal cheerleader, mentor, guide and coach.

I live in Connecticut with Michael, my husband of over 30 years and our two rescue dogs Maggie and Claire. Our awesome adult children, Crissi and Greg are making their mark in the world.

May you be happy. May you be healthy in every way. May you live with ease and grace.