July 13

The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Debbie Phillips


The Power to Change your Life featuring Debbie PhillipsOn this The Power To Change Your Life podcast, I interview a woman who’s helped transform my life, Women on Fire founder Debbie Phillips.

Debbie is a pioneer in the field of executive and life coaching and known for her work in transforming women’s lives. In addition to being an author and speaker Debbie has also created and co-developed Vision Day, a strategic planning day that has helped thousands of people live the lives they’ve dreamed of (including me!).

Debbie has worked with women of all ages from all across the country, and now internationally helping them to tap into their spark, to discover their passions and create the life that they’d always wanted. We discussed many topics including investing in yourself, celebrating the successes of others, asking for help and sharing your gifts with the world at large.

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Main Discussions:

  • Debbie’s path to being one of the first life coaches.
  • The seven ways to be a Woman on Fire.
  • Why women should cheer on the successes of other women.
  • Why it’s really important to ask for help.
  • A great example of being aware of your impact on others, especially at pivotal moments in someone’s life.
  • Why you should share your gifts in a big way.
  • How we’ve been conditioned to compare ourselves to others.

Key Points and Takeaways:

  • You may be so close to your gifts and strengths that you can’t recognize them.
  • “We all should be full of ourselves and feeling what’s really special and unique”
  • Invest in yourself and in your potential.
  • Changes comes incrementally.
  • Asking for help gives others an opportunity to share their potential with you.
  • Remain aware of your powerful impact on others.
  • Honor, recognize, and appreciate those who support you.
  • Compare yourself to your own goals not others.
  • Do not waste a single second being jealous of others.

You can learn more about Debbie’s Women on Fire program at www.womenonfire.com.

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