July 6

The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Dr. Joe Vitale


The Power to Change Your Life featuring Joe VitaleOn this episode on The Power To Change Your Life podcast, Stephanie interviews best-selling author Dr. Joe Vitale. Joe he has been in several movies, including the blockbuster The Secret. He’s made numerous TV appearances including Larry King Live, CNN, CNBC, CBS, & ABC, and has been featured in The New York Times and Newsweek. Joe helps people achieve their dreams by understanding the deeper aspects of the law of attraction and the law of right action. This man, who was once homeless but today is a bestselling author, believes in magic and miracles. In our discussion we chat about Joe’s transformation, the power of gratitude, attitudes towards money, beliefs and much more.

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Main Discussions:

  • Joe’s story of how he went from being homeless to a lifestyle of the rich and famous.
  • The steps that someone can take when they feel stuck.
  • How gratitude can be transformational.
  • How the rich think differently than others regarding money.
  • The unconscious belief that money is a necessary evil.
  • Mainstream media and it’s negative programming aspects.


Key Points & Takeaways:

  • You can always find the silver lining in something.
  • Follow your unique passion.
  • You can speed the change in your reality and direct it with intention.
  • We want to come from the existing mindset of what we think is possible but by stretching the mindset, to enlarge it.
  • A high vibration place of gratitude attracts more to be grateful for.
  • Money is about fulfilling your dreams with a tool that can help you do that.
  • Our beliefs are creating everything in our life.


You can learn more about Dr. Joe Vitale at www.mrfire.com

And a special gift from Joe to all our listeners! If you go to AttractMoneyNow.com you will get a FREE copy of his book, Attract Money Now, 7-Step Formula to Attract that Money.


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The Power to Change Your Life
The Power to Change Your Life
The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Dr. Joe Vitale


abundance, Belief, gratitude, intention, Joe Vitale, law of attraction, money mindset, shifting beliefs, The Power to Change Your Life

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