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On this episode on The Power To Change Your Life podcast, Stephanie interviews author, teacher and speaker Gregg Levoy. Gregg’s latest book is titled “Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion“. His first book “Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life” rated among the top twenty career publications by the Workforce Information Group and is included in numerous graduate programs in management and organizational leadership.

Gregg is a formal behavioral specialist at USA Today and regular blogger for Psychology Today. He has also written for the New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Omni, Psychology Today, Christian Science Monitor, Reader’s Digest, and many others. In this podcast we discuss finding your passion, taking risks, cultivating wonder and the struggle between passion and security.

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Main Discussions:

  • The definition of passion.
  • The starting point for finding your passion.
  • Little ways to take risks and live more consciously.
  • Cultivating wonder.
  • Finding your passion is partly about gently identifying what gets you worked up.
  • The struggle between passion and security.

Key Points & Takeaways:

  • Passion is a skill that we cultivate and bring to all of our various engagements.
  • To help find your passion, figure out what drains your vitality.
  • Coming into your sense of passion in life requires searching in your fearless inventories.
  • Do not lose your sense of wonder and awe about this world.
  • Don’t think you have any passion? Watch the news and notice what gets you fired up.
  • Immerse yourself in your passion, even if it just for a half an hour each evening.
  • Choosing security over passion is probably not a good equation in the long term.
  • Life is so rich and there is so many opportunities to share our gifts and our passions and our loves and even our hates with the world.

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