July 27

The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Linda Howe


The Power to Change Your Life With Linda HoweAkashic Record Podcast

On this The Power To Change Your Life podcast, Stephanie interviews Linda Howe. She is an award-winning author and the leading expert in the field of Akashic studies. She was the first person to make access to the Records available to anyone with a desire to learn, through her Pathway Prayer process.

Linda is thrilled to be sharing her latest work, Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary. Working in the Records since 1994 and teaching since 1996, she founded the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago in 2001, teaching thousands of people globally. Linda’s joy is focusing on the Akashic Records as a spiritual resource for personal empowerment. In this podcast we discuss the universe, unconditional love, the soul and Akashic Records.

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Main Discussions:

  • Akashic Records and how to access them.
  • Linda’s spiritual awakening at 24  years old.
  • The spiritual practice of unconditional love for the self.
  • Leading with the soul and having the body, mind, and feelings organized to support the expression of the soul’s essence in the world.
  • The five pillars of an Akashic Record.
  • The confusion between discipline and punishment.

Key Points & Takeaways:

  • The Akashic Record is a vibrational archive of every soul and its journey.
  • Anyone who is interested in having a more conscious relationship with their own soul through this realm can access their own Records.
  • Akasha is a sanskrit word meaning the primary substance that from which all things are formed.
  • Making peace with the five pillars of an Akashic Record empowers your effectiveness as a human being in the world.
  • The great challenge is that perfect authority, the perfect author, the life force of the author of the universe, is transmitted through imperfect agents.
  • The only way to be in harmony is through acceptance.
  • Responsibilities define our path, and commitment is what keeps us attached to it.
  • The universe is rigged in our favor.

You can learn more about Linda Howe at www.akashicstudies.com

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