September 7

The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Lisa Garr


Power to Change Your Life Podcast with Lisa GarrOn this episode on The Power To Change Your Life podcast, Stephanie interviews Lisa Garr, host of The Aware Show. It’s a talk radio show about self development, spirituality, and natural health.  In 2009, Lisa introduced The Aware Show Summit Series, focusing on money and abundance, practical neuroscience, body health, and the soul. Lisa is currently pursuing her master’s in transformational psychology.  Lisa’s energetic spirit and wealth of knowledge prove to be a dynamic and inspirational combination to the success of The Aware Show. In this podcast we discuss visualization, the science behind healing from a brain injury and neurofeedback.

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Main Discussions:

  • Lisa’s near death experience.
  • Recovery from a traumatic brain injury.
  • EEG and neurofeedback.
  • The visualization process.
  • The key of tolerance in relationships.

Key Points & Takeaways:

  • When you’re doing visualization, and you create, you have to be really clear about what it is that you want in a feeling way.
  •  With visualization, you have to be able to create the feeling behind it. That gives you the propelling motion of moving towards your goal and reason and alignment behind it.
  • There’s such a gap between what we know and what we do where it comes to our health.
  • The amount of health information out there is overwhelming, but yet you can boil it down to what works for you by listening to your body.


You can learn more about Lisa Garr at The Aware Show.


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The Power to Change Your Life
The Power to Change Your Life
The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Lisa Garr


Brain Injury, Lisa Garr, Nuerofeedback, Relationships, Science, The Power to Change Your Life, Visualization

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