September 21

The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Stephanie Dalfonzo & Simple Breathing Techniques


Breathing Techniques for anxiety relief podcast

Today I’m going to share some very simple yet powerful breathing techniques for anxiety relief.   I’ve had great feedback about how much you’ve been enjoying our special guests but I’m also hearing you want to learn things that you can begin to use in your life now so that you can begin starting to make these changes for deep and lasting transformation. So from time to time I’m going to share with you some of the techniques that I have learned over the past couple of decades, techniques that I use in my life, and honestly, I have been using these with thousands and thousands of clients over the years. I’m only bringing you tools & techniques, that I know work. Plus, I’m only going to bring you things that are, for the most part, pretty quick and easy. Listen below for this week’s simple and effective techniques.

Today we are going to start with the easiest and simplest of all — breath techniques! Please don’t let the simplicity fool you — they are powerful!

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Main Discussions on Breathing Techniques for Anxiety 

  • Simple techniques that help you to quiet a wandering mind and to experience a relaxation response to be more mindful.
  • How simply stopping for 10 seconds six times a day or more you can get the same benefits of meditation.
  • How conscious breathing techniques for anxiety can lower your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • How to add a simple mantra to your breathing techniques.
  • Breathing exercises where you count to 10 and then back down again.
  • The square breathing technique.

Breathing Techniques for Anxiety: Key Points & Takeaways:

  • In many instances, meditation and mindfulness are pretty interchangeable.
  • It’s Divinely inspired that we are able to have the stress response to keep us safe.
  • We take over 23,000 breaths a day! (Isn’t that amazing?)  How many opportunities to use breathing techniques for anxiety relief!
  • We can harness some of those breaths consciously to allow us to experience a relaxation response.
  • We don’t have to over-complicate and make things long and drawn out.
  • Your breath has the ability to bring you right into this moment.
  • Consistently using breathing technique for anxiety can lead to more freedom, peace of mind and joy!

I would absolutely love to hear your success with this, because I know that these breathing techniques for anxiety can change things  in such a dramatic way. Give yourself a few days to practice, and either reply below or email me directly. Also, if there are other techniques that you’d like to learn about, or if there are other specific guests you would like to hear on the podcast let us know!

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Did you enjoy this episode? Please head to iTunes and leave me a rating and review!


Did you enjoy this episode? Please head to iTunes and leave me a rating and review!


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