Success Stories

I've worked with thousands of people over the years to help them experience a deep, cellular level of healing, personal growth and success in many different areas of their lives and careers.  It's not unusual for clients to come to me with one issue in mind and then leave with healing and growth in all other areas of their life.

grateful and humbled by these kind words...

"Stephanie's dedication to making a positive and powerful difference in her clients' lives knows no bounds!"

- Debbie Phillips, Founder, Women on Fire®

"Stephanie, I always remember your kindness and generosity of spirit. The love you show not only your husband but all of us too is just simply beautiful."

- Kathleen Vaughan

"Working with Stephanie was an eye-opening experience. As a coach, she brings the calm and helps you to uncover and move past what overwhelms you. Sometimes what you think is at the root of your stress or upset is not really the cause. Stephanie takes you on a deeper journey to self-discovery and freedom. Through Stephanie, I also learned some of the best techniques to combat stress, which I use daily. Her book, Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom, is a must-read and a resource that I'll always keep closeby."

- Deirdre Breakenridge, Author, Speaker, Podcaster & CEO of Pure Performance Communications

"How lucky am I? You are a spectacular human being and phenomenal woman with a beautiful mission! We are all better having you here."

- Beth Bryce, Founder, Daring Circle Ranch

"What Was Bothering Me When I Walked In Was Gone When I Left…

My dad passed away when I was 9 from cancer, I am now 13. I have been seeing therapists on and off since I was very young and always thought that helped me. But last year when I was getting upset about my dad the therapist was not working for me. I like him, we have good talks, but I felt like I needed something else. My mom suggested that I meet with Stephanie, we already know her and I really like her so I thought OK why not. I did not know what to expect but I did love the chair in her office.

My mom dropped me off and Stephanie and I just talked, we laughed and had a good time. I don’t really know how to explain it but it felt like she has a spiritual wrench, she reaches inside and turns it a few times and what was bothering you just goes away. It does not hurt at all it’s kinda fun.

Since then I have visited Stephanie a few times and every time it is the same, what was bothering me when I walked in was gone when I left.

Sounds weird right? But it works. Both my mom and I love Stephanie and now I know that anything that happens is OK, I can just call Stephanie and her wrench!"

- Matthew (13 yrs old)

"My Life Was Transformed That Day…

You showed me that I had the power within me to make the biggest change of my life, and I am forever grateful to you. My life was transformed that day…

I felt empowered and able to do anything I set my mind to. You showed me what I was capable of doing. What ANYONE is capable of doing if they want to. I sing your praises to everyone, we ALL have the ability to make powerful, and positive changes, and thank God there are people like you to unleash our inner beasts!

Just as you also did with my brother and sister-in-law!! You have not only helped me, but, helped people I love. Priceless."

- Chris Bachmann

"Brings Out The Best In Whoever She Works With…

Stephanie is one of those gifted individuals whose energy, compassion and talent combine, in a powerful way, to bring out the best in whoever she works with. One of my star pupils, she is destined to be a leader in the field."

- Melissa Tiers, D.C.H. and National Guild of Hypnotists Instructor

"Extremely Unique and Quite Effective…

Bless you, bless you, bless you Stephanie, you are extremely unique and quite effective! I have to admit, that your method was a short cut for me and laser’d in on helping me with the anger when talk therapy wasn’t able to. Shhhhh, I would never tell my therapist this!

Things happen for reasons and you came into my life for profound reasons!  Use anything I say about you because it’s sincere and from the heart."

- Sherry Kottler

"Great Source of Support For Years to Come…

Thank you so much for helping me with my blocks and doing it so gently... I noticed that a peaceful feeling came up and not one of angst… I have found a great source of support for years to come."

- Cathy Haine

"Tripled Her Business...

I came to work with you because a mutual acquaintance said she worked with you and the next year she tripled her business!"

- A.L. (BTW this client came back to again triple her business!)

"Thinking That You Don’t Need Stephanie… You’re Wrong!!!

If you are thinking that you don’t really need Stephanie . . . you’re wrong!!! I am here to tell you that you don’t even understand how much she can really help you. Success is exponential with Stephanie. I am now doing things in my business that I have wanted to do for years!! Thanks to Stephanie!

The best way I can describe it in a “nut shell” is that she creates the safe space that allows you to release the old stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. Then she helps you replace it with the things you want and the patterns and thoughts that help you get it.

She has the expertise, experience, professionalism and drive to make her one of the best intuitive life coaches I have ever had! She has so many tools to use to help you succeed – from the unconscious to “nuts and bolts” – you’ll get it all. Then she has the methods to motivate and keep you on task. Most importantly for me is that she is intuitive so she can really tap into to what I personally need and want. She is worth the investment! I highly recommend her!!"

- Elly Kukk

"I highly highly highly yes three-times.... Recommend working with Stephanie.

I had the opportunity to work with Stephanie on two occasions within two days and I've never met a woman with a powerful comforting presence as she projects. You know instantly how available her heart and soul are for you and present in that very moment of working with her. She was able to walk me through with questions and eye contact with an open ear through my frustration with a business matter and a personal matter."

- Susan Vernicek