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The Power to Change Your Life Featuring Dr. Eric Robins

On this episode on The Power To Change Your Life podcast, Stephanie interviews Dr. Eric Robins, MD. He is an internationally renowned health expert in mind body medicine featured in the New York Times bestselling book The Tapping Solution. Dr. Eric Robins is also the coauthor of the bestselling books Your Hands Can Heal You and The Power of Prana. He is also the medical contributor to the upcoming book from Dr. David Berceli, the founder of TRE, Tension and Trauma Relief Exercises, which has offered the most improvement in Dr. Robins’ own health and quality of life. Dr. Robins is a board certified urologist and surgeon in private practice. He’s also certified in a multitude of the most cutting edge healing modalities available today, including as a level 2 TRE provider and mentor, and level 4 Faster EFT practitioner. In this podcast we discussed TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises), the fight or flight response, and healing energy.

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