September 4

I’m so grateful to have met Stephanie and cannot recommend her enough!


I reached out to Stephanie because I’ve been living with a constant low level of anxiety and for quite some time had been waking up with panic attacks every morning. I have tools I implement to manage anxiety – I already do breathing exercises and meditation daily and have cleared out a lot of childhood baggage. I was a bit skeptical as to what additional tools Stephanie could offer but decided to give it a shot because I clearly needed something more than what I was doing! In one session we cleared out a memory from when I was two years old that I had been carrying around and didn’t even consciously remember. That combined with attaching the state of relaxation with an object I wear has made all the difference! The chronic anxiety is completely gone and when I feel my stress start to rise, I just touch my object and relax. I’m so grateful to have met Stephanie and cannot recommend her enough!

Veronika Archer International


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