May 13

Stephanie Dalfonzo is MAGICAL…


Stephanie Dalfonzo is magical, her voice is calming and electrifying at the same time. I was a bit skeptical at first, not sure how she might be able to help me, but she has helped me in ways that I keep uncovering. We all have layers upon layers of gunk that work insidiously behind the scenes and Stephanie has a way of showing up and confronting this gunk for you then it just goes away. You do need regular tune-ups so don’t mistakenly think that this is a one-shot relationship.

Stephanie is someone you want on your team for the long term, as things move and change in your life the gunk shows up again. When that happens I always know I have Stephanie in my corner and each time the process gets easier and easier. I cannot recommend working with Stephanie highly enough. A very unique, empowering and humbling experience.



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