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You Deserve To Be Happy, Healthy & Thriving
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Meet Stephanie


I help people just like you break FREE of what's been preventing them from living the happy, healthy, thriving lives they've always wanted to be living! I've been BLESSED with a VERY unique ability to get to the heart of the matter easily and painlessly, unlike traditional therapy which can takes years!

While in clinical practice, I discovered how to shorten the healing process and literally shave YEARS off traditional therapeutic practices! My clients are AMAZED at how quickly we just start blasting through years of emotional and spiritual gunk & junk!

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Monday Night Meditation Circle

Every Monday evening, at 8:00 pm Eastern, you are invited
to take a break from whatever is going on in your life, set aside your concerns
for a few moments, and join a group of like-minded, beautiful spirits as we align
and sync our frequencies to Source in meditation.

You’re invited to join our Meditation Circle Monday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern! 

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Our Mission Is Simple...

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Praise For Stephanie

One Of My Star Pupils…

Stephanie is one of those gifted individuals whose energy, compassion and talent combine, in a powerful way, to bring out the best in whoever she works with. One of my star pupils, she is destined to be a leader in the field.
Melissa Tiers, D.C.H. and National Guild of Hypnotists Instructor

Stephanie Is The Solution For So Many Who Don’t Even Know It Yet…

Stephanie was superb at helping me break down the barriers that stood in my way. I’m still amazed at how quickly she was able to understand and identify how to help. She has a gentle way of using her powerful gift to create immediate and long-lasting results. I don’t know that I would understand exactly...
Angela Lowy

Guided Meditation I Downloaded Is Just Amazing…

The guided meditation I have downloaded from your site is JUST AMAZING! Meditation is a new thing for me and I have just started to meditate, so I have been looking for guided meditations all around. This one that you made has been specially powerful and relaxing. I could easily follow it and I kept...

Great Source of Support For Years to Come…

Thank you so much for helping me with my blocks and doing it so gently... I noticed that a peaceful feeling came up and not one of angst… I have found a great source of support for years to come.
Cathy Haine

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9 Misconceptions tilted9 Common Misconceptions About Fear
And How It Really Shows Up In Your Life

Fear hides behind some very common masks – more common than you might imagine. I complied an eBook with 9 common misconceptions about fear… “problems or issues” that are usually a disguise for “FEAR.”

Once you are AWARE of “IT”, you become empowered to make some powerful life-improving choices. Once you make those choices and commit to following through with them, the results you want will start showing up!

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It All Begins With You

When you invest in your own healing & growth through the work we do together,
you’re giving yourself & everyone around you the gift of unlimited possibility
and we all benefit from that!

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I just LOVE meeting new friends!

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