Goodbye Anxiety

Hello Freedom

How to Build Resilience and Overcome Anxiety


  • What would it feel like to walk into a crowded room without feeling like “Am I going to say the wrong thing?”
  • Or say an immediate “yes!” When you’re invited to go out friends. Instead of “what am I going to do, what am I going to say?”
  • What might it feel like to sleep easily on a Sunday night, instead of worrying about the work week ahead?
  • How wonderful would it to feel in control instead of powerless? To trust in yourself and feel more confident? To be free of the fear and the worry?

It is possible to not just “manage” or “cope” with anxiety, but to truly break free from anxiety and live life on your terms – a life filled with joy and freedom.

I share so many different techniques in this book because I know “one size” doesn’t fit all. Each of us experiences anxiety in our own unique way and each of us will resonate differently with these tools.

Some of the tools are deceptively easy, but don’t let their simplicity fool you. I’ve learned over the years that these simple shifts are truly what create lasting changes. This I know for sure: there is a much greater chance that you will actually practice these new skills, because you can quickly and easily fit them into your daily routine.


Our children, teens and young adults are experiencing crisis levels of stress, anxiety and depression.  They need what’s in this book!  I’m so excited to share that for every book bought, I will donate a book to a school or center that works with children to get these skills and techniques taught to our kids!