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A book titled "goodbye anxiety, hello freedom" by stephanie dalfonzo, focusing on building resilience and overcoming anxiety.

Goodbye Anxiety

Hello Freedom How to Build Resilience and Overcome Anxiety

“Stephanie’s dedication to making a positive and powerful difference in her clients’ lives knows no bounds!”
Debbie Phillips, Founder, Women on Fire®

The book is simple and so are the skills and techniques, because simple shifts are what lead to lasting changes.

You will learn:

  • How to build emotional resilience
  • How to stop worrying
  • How childhood adversity could still be affecting you now
  • How to respond to events around you and stay calm
  • How to tackle fears that have held you back
  • How to break free from the vise-like grip of anxiety

Simple yet profound shifts that lead to lasting emotional freedom

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From the beginning, the intention behind my book Hello Freedom, Goodbye Anxiety was that it be shared. There are over 40 million Americans suffering from anxiety that is 1 in 4. We all know someone that can be helped with one or more of the 35 simple techniques shared in this little book.

As I was conducting research while writing the book, I learned that stress, anxiety, and depressions is at crisis level for our children, teens and young adults. They need to learn these techniques so they can learn to move past these feelings and not carry them into adulthood and the next generation.

My contribution to helping minimize this crisis is for every book purchased, I donate a book to a school or organization that works with children to get these skills and techniques into the hand of those who teach our kids!

Join my mission to help as many children as possible, so they do not carry their anxiety into their adult lives and into the next generation. Think about the impact we can make collectively by teaching the next generation how to resolutely say goodbye to anxiety.