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You’ve Tried Pills, Potions, Talk Therapy and Still Feel Stuck?

It’s not your fault.
Unlock YOUR key to Lasting Relief with Hypnosis.
Begin your deep healing journey with my full dedication to your growth and empowerment. In our time together we combine clinical hypnosis, mindfulness practices, intuitive inner work, and nurturing support to help you rewrite engrained subconscious patterns and break free from draining emotional cycles for good.
Breathe freely knowing I’ve got you. Now, let’s begin
I'm thrilled to report I've been able to
fall asleep astonishingly fast and stay there. Vroom, vroom! I'm back in the driver's seat.”
Linda Napier,
News Times
I knew I had made a mistake.  Guess what?  For the VERY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I did not get upset, just kept my cool.  I cannot believe how much control I had.
Helen, 82 years old!
Ok so I guess this stuff works. Played
golf yesterday …felt great…never had a feeling of any anxiety. The best 9 hole score I’ve had.

Hypnosis Coaching Options

Together, we can unlock your full potential and create the life you truly desire.

I’m thrilled to offer you special packages on our 60-minute private hypnosis coaching sessions. By investing in multiple sessions, you’ll not only save money but also accelerate your personal growth journey.  

One Session
A solitary wooden rocking chair by a tranquil river with lush greenery in the background.



Dip your toe into the world of hypnosis with a one-hour hypnosis coaching session.*

Three Sessions
Wooden pier extending into calm waters during a vibrant sunset.

Popular Option


Three one-hour hypnosis coaching sessions.

Five Sessions
Tranquil mountain lake viewed from under the shade of leafy branches.



Five one-hour hypnosis coaching sessions every week and a half over three months.

Includes email check-ins.

Concierge Program (6 months)

The program I searched for for years!

  • Weekly 60-minute hypnosis coaching sessions
  • Monthly personalized meditation recordings 
  • Email support
  • Personalized welcome package including an autographed copy of my book “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom”
  • Twice monthly mini “as needed” 15-minute check-in sessions
I no longer live in a state of panic, I have more confidence and self-esteem then I ever had, I have become an incredible leader with a clear mind.  It is such a relief to feel happy.
Julia Ambrosi
I was shocked when I walked into Stephanie's office and came out two hours later as a nonsmoker - without even really trying! Let Stephanie help you make the best decision of your life.
I was a bit skeptical…In one session we cleared out a memory from when I was two years old that I had been carrying around and didn't even consciously remember. The chronic anxiety is completely gone!!
Veronica A.

Other Services

Woman with headphones enjoys a tranquil moment with text indicating a personalized hypnotic meditation recording.

The custom approach you deserve


Discover how customized hypnosis meditation
can help you:

  • Quiet your inner critic and build self-worth
  • Communicate clearly and set boundaries
  • Unlock motivation and reach your full potential
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and anxiety
  • Perform at your peak with less stress
Confident Woman jogging on the beach with an overlay text that reads "quick confidence boost session".

Move from unsure and insecure to calm and confident

In this 40-minute session, we focus on one area to boost your confidence. It could be:

  • Social anxiety
  • Career advancement
  • Better personal boundaries
  • Feeling unworthy of success
  • Improved performance (work, personal, or other)
You showed me that I had the power within me to make the biggest change of my life. I am forever grateful to you. My life was transformed that day.
Chris Bachmann
I have to admit that your method was a short cut for me and laser'd in on helping me with the anger when talk therapy wasn't able to. Shhh, I would never tell my therapist this!
Sherry Kottler
Working with Stephanie has been life changing. "Out of the blue" two ideal clients called me and I booked $20,000 worth of new business just like that! I have moved from anxiety and struggle to ease and faith !
Vanessa Judelmann