Hypnosis and healing with Stephanie Dalfonzo

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Behind My Smile, Anxiety Had Taken Root

To the outside world, I appeared to have it all—a fulfilling career as a popular radio host, a loving family, and a jam-packed social calendar. But behind my constant smile, anxiety had quietly taken root, keeping me up at night and impacting my ability to simply enjoy each day.

The lack of sleep began affecting all aspects of my life. As a mom, I struggled to keep up with my kids and be fully present with them. Professionally, my once-sharp on-air skills faded under mounting exhaustion. Small frustrations would set off intense reactions, like the time I smashed a bag of Cheetos in a stress-fueled incident I can’t even recall now.

I realized I needed help and went the traditional medication route. The relief was only temporary though, and soon my anxiety intensified. I knew I needed to find my own lasting solutions from within instead of looking externally for a pill, potion or guru to “fix” me.

The Voice of Calm

For over 40 years, my reassuring voice has been a guiding force for daily motivation and positivity.
 As former celebrity radio DJ “Stevie Knox”, I “hypnotized” listeners to tune in daily for their dose
of feel-good inspiration.

Since 2005, I’ve brought that same warm, relatable energy into my integrative hypnosis practice, literally using my voice to help clients create incredible breakthroughs around anxiety, confidence, sleep and more.

Whether you know me as DJ Stevie keeping spirits lifted or Integrative Hypnotist Stephanie motivating real change through your ultimate mindset reset, my voice remains a calming constant.

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Charting My Own Path to Lasting Freedom

I began voraciously researching holistic healing techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping and clinical hypnosis. As I assembled my toolkit and found calm once more, our family faced a significant challenge when my husband received a serious medical diagnosis. I also needed to return to work after years as a stay-at-home mom.

Rather than spiral, I leaned on my new emotional healing skills. I soon realized that this knowledge was my calling—to guide others to break free from anxiety and reclaim their inner resilience.

Over decades of harnessing the power of integrative hypnosis and intuitive work, I’ve helped thousands tap into their infinite inner wisdom. My own journey of healing and self-discovery allows me to relate to clients with authentic and complete understanding when they come to me feeling stuck in old patterns and carry shame, self-doubt or fear of judgment.

My Mission

My mission is to empower women to break free from worry, doubt, and fear, so they can create a joy-filled life rooted in inner calm and self-love. Together we’ll chip away at old limitations, using science-backed techniques like hypnosis, mindfulness, and EFT/Tapping (and more!) to build your personal toolkit.

This helps you settle into and sustain being at total peace with yourself (and it feels SO good!)

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Consider Me

Consider me your personal cheerleader, mentor and guide. I live in Connecticut with my husband Michael, enjoying our sweet rescue dogs,  daily nature walks, summer beach weekends, and campfire chats.

Michael and I met working in radio together and now he assists me behind-the-scenes. We raised two incredible kids over our 40-year marriage.

I bring compassion from personal experience to help you build the life you deserve. Let’s chat!
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The path to your best life starts with a single step.
I’ll light the way.