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Simple shifts create lasting change

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 Whether you want help to say goodbye to stress and anxiety,  limiting beliefs or a debilitating fear; stop drinking, stop smoking, sleep well again, overcome weight issues; YOUR subconscious mind can help make it easier than you think! Stephanie's clear and simple wisdom is practical and down to earth and can help you stop suffering and feel true peace.

Stephanie Dalfonzo has spent close to 2 decades helping thousands of people from around the world tap into their natural, innate health and resilience so they can overcome unwanted habits and anxiety easily -- from the power of their subconscious minds.

Her program is personalized, based on each individual client’s needs, because every person responds differently to certain processes within change work. Real change happens within - it truly IS an inside job. One size doesn't fit all!

Stephanie wants to help YOU find YOUR path to reconnect to happiness by providing an exclusive free session to provide you with some recommendations if needed, as well as answer any questions you might have about how this process works and why it may be beneficial for you.

Let her show you how simple shifts create lasting change!

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About Stephanie

I was the very first automated voice back in the 1980s, when I was Celebrity Radio DJ Stevie Knox. My last radio job was the morning show, and with two young children, it sent me spinning into insomnia. This is when I learned I had been struggling with anxiety my entire life and didn’t know it! I tried medication and it worked - for a short time. Then it stopped working and everything got worse – much worse.

I was able to tap into the power of my subconscious mind to calm my stress and anxiety and learn how to sleep again.

I tried MANY times to quit smoking.  When I finally made the decision that enough was enough, I became a non-smoker for life! For many years, I would end my day with alcohol. Again, once I finally made the decision that enough was enough, I gave up alcohol and it was easier than I ever thought possible!

I wanted to help others who are struggling. I signed up to learn hypnosis. The first day, I felt like the skies opened up and the heavens were singing – THIS was how I could easily help! Before the course was over, I had rented an office, had a website and business cards.

I help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to easily overcome anxiety and unwanted habits. As a hypnosis expert for over 17 years, I have helped thousands of clients do the healing work around stress and anxiety, sleep issues, overcome fears, addictions and more.

We tune into you, tune out the static, and turn up your JOY!

As seen on NBC Connecticut 

Before COVID, Stephanie was a monthly NBC CT-LIVE contributor.

Kristen Vallejo

Stephanie was a key factor in my ability to move out of a debilitating pattern of daily panic attacks. I worked with her for three months, and since the beginning of that process I have been panic attack free (almost five months). She is an empathetic listener, and provided tools for me to use daily to stay on track.