Hypnosis and healing with Stephanie Dalfonzo

There is NOTHING wrong with you!
What if you DIDN'T need to be "FIXED"?

If you're tired of feeling stuck, let's talk about how my unique blend of Hypnosis and Healing can help you find your freedom and JOY!

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FREE Monthly Self-Hypnosis Master Class

Every month we explore different ways to rewire our brains for success. Uncover why traditional approaches fail and how self-hypnosis helps you finally rewrite the subconscious stories stealing your calm.


What Is Hypnosis

I PROMISE – there’s no barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken!

Hypnosis is a safe, focused tool, backed by science and approved by the AMA (American Medical Association)  in 1958.

It gives you direct access to your subconscious inner wisdom, bypassing the overthinking mind’s limiting control. Through personalized sessions tailored to your unique goals, positive new neural pathways are created. This means rewiring automatic behaviors around anxiety, lack of confidence, fears and more.

No pills or endless talk therapy needed—we simply gently unlock your brain’s innate capacity for accelerated change. Skeptics welcome!

I recently experienced my first flights without a panic attack since 2002!
Two skydivers ready to jump from an airplane, with expressions of excitement.
Sarah Gallo
I got back to my true self afte years of stress, anxiety and doubt. It is such a relief to feel happy.
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Julia Ambrosi
Not to sound corny... but this was miracle level stuff.
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Rhyan’s mom

Who This is For

I specialize in helping women navigate life’s complex transitions in their 40s, 50s and beyond. Whether you are feeling stuck in anxiety, grief, lack of purpose or overwhelm amidst juggling demands, my integrative techniques can guide you to breakthrough to a life of freedom and joy!

I see you ambitious entrepreneurs burned out by continual hustle, accomplished executives haunted by imposter syndrome, devoted parents missing yourself in nurturing duties, sandwich generation women pulled thin by family demands, and trailblazing go-getters left distressed by giving too much. Whether you feel drained juggling parenting and career, are grappling with anxiety, grief or lack of purpose, or give too much leaving no room for joy — I see you.

If you feel like parts of yourself are still shut down or numbed out due to chronic overwhelm, you are not alone. I’ve walked in those shoes, pushed through burnout and come out the other side to create the peace and clarity I now help guide others find.

You deserve to feel centered, energized and confident despite everything life throws at you. But the journey requires commitment to the inner work. Are you ready?

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A Personalized Program For Lasting Relief

  • Fully customized 1:1 hypnosis coaching sessions addressing root causes through reprogramming
  • Ongoing email access for any + accountability
  • Monthly masterclasses with new techniques and spiritual concepts
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  • Lose weight – and keep it off!
  • Quit smoking – for good!
  • Overcome fears (driving, flying, public speaking, etc
  • Unshakable self-confidence
  • Overcome anything that has been holding you back
  • Conquer Impostor Syndrome

It’s not your fault
Rewire your brain with Hypnosis
Unlock YOUR key to Lasting Relief

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About Stephanie

With over 19 years experience, Stephanie Dalfonzo is a leading hypnosis expert who has helped thousands find freedom from anxiety through customized protocols.

Her mission is to rewrite old mental patterns so you can finally reclaim calm confidence. Stephanie specializes in working closely with women over 40 – entrepreneurs, professionals, stay at home moms – struggling silently with imposter syndrome and burnout.

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In this simple but powerful book, Stephanie condenses her transformative hypnosis methods into 35 easy mental techniques for living anxiety-free once and for all.

From five minute fixes when you’re in crisis mode to sustainable lifestyle habits for long-term resilience – these customizable tools meet you WHERE YOU’RE AT through simple shifts that create lasting change.

Start your liberation journey now through the life-changing wisdom distilled in Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom. It makes a difference you can feel instantly.

Person meditating on the beach at sunset for stress relief.

FREE Self-Hypnosis Master Class

Uncover why traditional approaches fail and how self-hypnosis helps you finally rewrite the subconscious stories stealing your calm.

Reserve your seat for free access to this powerful online training.