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Anxiety expert and integrative hypnotist, Stephanie Dalfonzo has dedicated her life to helping people overcome anxiety, find freedom from the past and live your true life, your authentic life, the life you are meant to live,

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Practice Areas

All sessions are held via Zoom, allowing me to work internationally. I’ve been practicing online for the past 5 years, so I know it is just as effective as in person. Each session is different and while most hypnotists read scripts, I do not. I KNOW there is no “one-size-fits-all” – you are unique and I treat you that way.


With what's going on in our world currently, this is the biggest area clients need help with. Recently prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications rose 34.1% in just one month!


Quit smoking. Do it for yourself. Do it for your loved ones. And, if the challenge is too much of a burden you can reach out to me and I'll help you. Hypnosis can help you become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.


One of the most basic and essential things in life: a good night sleep. My own sleep issues back in the mid 90s are what set me on  the healing journey. If you are not resting properly, please, let me help you.


No fad diets, no pills or special shakes - simply tapping into your powerful subconscious mind. Let the power of hypnosis and my experience help you get in shape and live a more healthier life!


Americans are among THE MOST STRESSED in the world, according to a recent Gallup poll. While the American Dream can definitely be a source of inspiration for many, the high levels of stress that you must endure aren't healthy. 

Kids & Young Adults

Kids, teens and young adults are experiencing crisis levels of stress and anxiety. A local pediatric practice in Danbury sent me referrals for many years. Children can be exposed to high volumes of stress too. 

Fears & Phobias

Hypnosis has proven to be a great tool to fight off whatever fear may be holding you back. You can read about a particular case study of ours here where a client was afraid of flying. Today, she runs a business as the Five Foor Traveler!

Golf & Sports

Does the name Tiger Woods spark a flame? I bet it does. Well, he worked with a golf psychologist who used hypnosis to help him "get in the zone." Many top notch athletes have found the power of hypnosis to take them to the top of their game!

As seen on NBC Connecticut 

Stephanie Dalfonzo is a well respected hypnotist in the Connecticut area. With over 20 years of experience practicing, Stephanie has helped people in all sort of different areas overcome their fears and anxiety issues.


On Anxiety & Hypnosis

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are great for dealing with anxiety. A lot of anxiety is “anticipatory”, meaning we are giving ourselves the negative suggestion that we will be anxious about something. So in a way we are hypnotizing ourselves. Since we are already great at accepting the suggestions, we can program in positive suggestions instead! Some anxiety stems from a trauma – whether a “small t” trauma or ”Capital T” trauma. I have a very easy and gentle way of helping you heal those and overcome the anxiety too.

The User's Guide to Overcome Anxiety

A few tips and tricks on how you can better control your anxiety.

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the why

Why Hypnosis?

If you have ever driven somewhere and forgotten the drive, you've experienced "highway hypnosis." If you have ever been in a movie theater and they want you to jump and you do; or cry and you find yourself tearing up, you've experienced hypnosis - it's simply a focused state of awareness. Hypnosis is excellent for making big life changes.

With what's going on in our world currently, anxiety is the biggest area clients need help with. Recently prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications rose 34.1% in just one month!  

I've spent 25 years researching simple natural, holistic and scientifically proven ways to calm stress and anxiety and literally wrote the book on it!  "Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom."





Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom

Available for purchase on Amazon.

My book “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom” is the product of 25 years of research on how to overcome anxiety. It started with me trying to find help for myself.

I have all 35 techniques in alphabetical order so you don’t even need to read the whole book (though if you want to you can – it’s very short and user friendly!) Peruse the book, start using 3 or 4 of the techniques and start feeling calmer today.

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