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Fear of Flying - GONE!

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Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Fear is insidious - it may start out as a little bit of discomfort, and then over time, it gets worse and worse until it morphs into panic attacks and you just CAN'T anymore!

Several years ago, Sarah and her Mom first came to my office for help with her "crippling" fear of flying. 

They had a family vacation planned and Sarah was not going! NO. WAY. was she going to get on an airplane! Not only did we banish that fear, here she was a few years later, having a blast co-piloting an airplane for the first time!

Mom explained they knew exactly when Sarah’s issue began. I smiled and said “maybe, maybe not”. Albert Einstein said years ago that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it. Using hypnosis, we can easily access the subconscious mind and change.

Sarah Overcoming Fear of Flying
fear of flying and phobias

Turns out the root cause  had been buried deep in her subconscious mind. We were able to heal it, literally freeing her from her debilitating fear and now here she is SKY DIVING and FLYING an airplane!

Amazing, right?

Fear of flying phobia is gone - Sarah has now visited all 7 continents! 

She has a fabulous Social Media following and a thriving business… as The Five Foot Traveler!  When COVID-19 started sweeping the globe, Sarah was quarantined in Norway. I know, there are worse place to be quarantined, but still the stress and anxiety of being halfway around the globe from her family and trying to get home and then being quarantined again in the US had to be a lot right?  No, when I checked in with Sarah, she said she was hanging in there and doing well because she still uses the tools and techniques I shared with her years ago!

One of the many facets that thrills me about Sarah’s story is, at 19, this beautiful young woman was courageous enough to say “I will not allow you to have control over me anymore”! The whole trajectory of her life changed!

Sarah Conquered the Fear of Flying


Many of us experience fear, without noticing it creeping up, for years on end until one day BAM! We go full on into a sweat-inducing, knee knocking panic attack, and in some cases a trip to the emergency room. (True story!)

But what if we were to notice it earlier and do something about it like Sarah did? That’s a game changer!

Whether it’s a fear of flying, fear of spiders, fear of public speaking, fear of dogs, fear of spiders, fear of water, panic attacks or the even more insidious and common deep fear of people finding out “who I really am”; I’ve found it to be 100% true that “a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.”

I've been a practicing integrative hypnotist for over 15 years and I have helped thousands, from 8 to 82,  get free from all sorts of issues. Are you ready to get free from yours? 

The other thing I know for certain is that we long to be free from whatever may hold us back.

Whether it’s freedom from a debilitating fear or phobia; a habit like smoking or drinking or freedom from limiting beliefs that we unwittingly took on from our parents as young children, I have an amazing ability to help find the root cause and gently heal it - allowing you to live a life of freedom. 

Once we are freed from fear, we can live true to ourselves and live the life of our dreams!

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