Work With Stephanie

Work With Stephanie

Simple Shifts

Lasting Changes

During the 10 years I had my brick and mortar Hypnosis office in Danbury, CT, I found that some people heard “hypnosis” and expected a “one hit wonder.” That is an unrealistic expectation. Sure, I’ve had remarkable results in just one session, but emotions and experiences have layers like an onion. Each time we uncover an emotion or a traumatic experience, healing is required.

This work is not for the faint of heart. And yes, this is work, and those who expected the “one hit wonder” often were not ready to do the work. Instead, they wanted me to wave “the magic wand.” (I actually joked about it and kept a magic wand in my office to get the point across).

If you are looking for a “quick fix”, I am not your gal.  I am an Intuitive Women’s Leadership Coach, Certified Hypnotist. Yoga Teacher (& more!) We work together, as partners, to get to the root of the issue and do the healing work. Consider me your Michelangelo:  I see your beautiful magnificence and will help you chip away at what doesn’t belong so we can uncover your beautiful self!   Coaching strategies and techniques are layered on to make sure that you will be able to sustain the changes. Simple shifts = lasting changes!

Let’s get to know each other

Schedule your complimentary 15-minute call to talk about what’s going on in your life and what you want to change or accomplish and how I can help you do that. Just click on the button below and you’ll be taken to my schedule. Look for a date and time that works for you and request your call!

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I firmly believe that a “one size fits all” does not exist. So I have several options to choose from for us to partner and work together.

A three month package with twelve 60 minute one-on-one virtual sessions.
PLUS - spiritual tools* (value $397)
PLUS - Email support
Pay in two installments of $1,500 each
A one month package with four 60 minute one-on-one virtual sessions.
PLUS - spiritual tools* (value $397)
This package includes three 60 minute one-on-one virtual session.
This package includes one 60 minute one-on-one virtual session.

Blessing Box

Blessings Box

The “BLESSING BOX” bonus in the first two packages will be personalized and customized exclusively for you.  You will receive, in the mail, a “Blessing Box” that I create just for you to assist you on this journey!   No two will be alike and may include:

  • Personalized guided meditation
  • Journal to aide you on the journey
  • Custom blended essential oils
  • Candle with a personalized ritual
  • Personalized Angel card
  • Personalized Angel card reading




Work with Stephanie Dalfonzo - Step 1

  • Click on the BEGIN MY JOURNEY button on the package above you wish to purchase.
  • I’ll send a confirmation email with details, consent form and link to our private video chat room
  • Prep for session:
    • Check link and download software
    • Make sure you’ve used the bathroom, and have water and Kleenex available
    • Make sure all other programs on computer are shut down and turned off

Work with Stephanie Dalfonzo - Step 2


  • We discuss goals and objectives and map out where you are now and where you desire to be.  In addition to the healing work during the session, you will be taught specific strategies and techniques to help sustain the changes and prevent sliding back into old, negative patterns.
  • If working with an adolescent or teen:  Parent(s), child and I meet and have a brief chat. Parent then leaves the room. It is crucial that you are NOT right outside the door trying to listen in.  Your child needs to have complete privacy so they will feel comfortable openly sharing.  Unless there is a danger to your child or another, my sessions with your child are completely confidential.  Without that trust, I cannot always get to the root issue. Toward the end of the session, parent(s) will be invited back in and we will either confirm or schedule next session. Child will share with parent whatever they are comfortable with (or not). Your child’s willingness to share is totally up to them.

Work with Stephanie Dalfonzo - Step 3


  • We build on previous sessions…checking in to see what shifts have occurred and what next steps are.  Again, in addition to the healing work we in our sessions, you will be taught additional strategies and techniques to complement and enforce the work we do.
  • If working with an adolescent or teen: Parent(s) welcome to join at beginning – or not. Occasionally a child will request to not have his parent(s) join. If that is the case, I will respect that and ask that you do as well.

THE FINE PRINT: Payment is required in order to secure an appointment and prior to the time of services.  Payment is accepted through PayPal.Advanced appointments are required. If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice, with the exception of emergencies, you are charged the full fee. Appointments may be changed with more than 24 hours’ notice without penalty.