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During these scary, uncertain times, I'm offering sliding fee payment options. I want to help as many as possible.

Transform your trauma and anxiety into strength and power..






  • The way to help the most people is to teach this to large groups of people who are in a position to make an impact.

  • When leaders are calm, the people they lead are calm.

  • Imagine if a stressed out leader took 5 minutes to re-set before bringing their teams to implementationIt trickles down.

  • I presented this to an organization with over 10,000 international members the other day.  Here are  some responses:

“It was very comforting to know that i was not alone in the feeling of anxiety, and pressure, and stress of everyday living - not just in times of pandemics. The techniques provided were logical and office space appropriate, when we get back. I enjoyed this very much - Thank you.”

          “It's about taking a moment to find that quiet space to quiet your mind and preparing you to continue on in victory!”

 “Great advice for the time we're living in today."

      "Stephanie’s webinar was excellent! She demonstrated and provided some super simple ways to calm stress and anxiety, and emphasized the importance of taking short moments of peace throughout the day to get us through the COVID-19 pandemic. What a gem she is! We need more Stephanie’s in this world, right?"~ Deborah Montanaro

“Stephanie delivered a presentation that gave our members simple and practical techniques to manage stress and build emotional resilience. Participants found the content actionable and easy to incorporate into everyday life. She speaks from a place of experience and is easy to relate to. Our members will be taking these learnings back to their teams, colleagues, friends and families.”

      Megan Marksberry, Senior Manager, Programs & Administration

      Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT)

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I love helping my clients get results that are truly life changing.


  • 1
    Identify and break the old pattern(s). We do amazing healing work and no, healing doesn’t have to hurt or take a long time!
  • 2
    Install new and improved healthy patterns. We set you up to live life on your terms – the life you’ve always dreamed of!
  • 3
    Teach you time-tested strategies and techniques to help you sustain the changes even when life throws you a curve ball.

(The yoga teacher in me knows that true happiness and freedom come when we can fall a little out of balance and bring ourselves right back into balance – THAT is my wish for you!)

I'm hired by those who are ready to make the investment of time and resources and do the work to change their lives. Is that you?

I don't work with people for just one session, because it is almost impossible to get to the root cause in just one session. It's more like peeling an onion...we've got to go layer by layer. Here's a clip with Dr. Peter Levine, who explains it more eloquently than I do:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8b-6C-5wQo&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3Kr_zpptXXCEX53grMwxvg2aHbzbH6zK4YZkSePq_zXArQQBTH5sX4mWA

**Hypnosis coaching does not constitute mental health or medical treatment of any kind. Stephanie Dalfonzo does not diagnose, prescribe or treat anything. Please consult your physician for personalized medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition. Never disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of something you have read on this website.

Once you have made a shift, it is vitally important that you know how to reinforce it, so you don’t slide back into old patterns and behaviors.  Just like brushing your teeth to prevent cavities, you need to practice simple ways to calm anxiety everyday so it doesn’t build up to overwhelm and panic attacks.

As Gay Hendricks says in his book “The Big Leap”: “…while breakthroughs are important and thrilling, it’s the stabilization and integrations of the breakthroughs into daily life that really allow the changes to be permanent.”

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