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Within the Chaos, We Can Choose CALM

A woman mediating on the beach - Choose Calm

You CAN find calm in the midst of chaos.

It’s hard to deny that we live in chaotic times. The 24-hour news cycle barrages us with an endless stream of disturbing headlines. Social media amplifies controversial voices and heightens tensions. The world feels more divided and tumultuous than ever before.

In the face of such turmoil, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious, even despairing at times. But as tempting as it is to be swept away by the chaos, we still have a choice: we can consciously cultivate calm within ourselves.

This idea may sound simplistic or even naïve given the enormous challenges we face in the world today. Yet the truth is, the only thing we can control is how we respond internally to external events. Practicing calm is not about ignoring hardship or injustice. It’s about grounding ourselves so we have the strength to meet each moment skillfully and compassionately.


Cultivating calm takes practice

but it starts with a simple decision: I choose peace of mind. I choose stillness. I choose balance. Making this intentional choice, even in the midst of chaos, puts us back in the driver’s seat of our own state of being.

Like any habit, it takes repetition!

From this place of centered awareness, we gain perspective. We realize that so much of the hysteria and vitriol that surrounds us stems from other people’s unresolved fear and pain. We understand that we have the power to break free from reactive thinking and emanate the peace we wish to see in the world.

Simple tools to help find your calm:

There are many tools we can use to cultivate calm within chaos. Meditation and mindful breathing help quiet our restless minds. Spending time in nature and connecting with our bodies through yoga or walking recharge and ground us. Consciously limiting our consumption of sensationalistic media gives us space from the frenzy of breaking news. Cultivating gratitude, prayer, or spiritual practices keeps us anchored in faith. Prioritizing rest and self-care fortifies us from overwhelm and burnout.

Most importantly, we can choose to focus on sending out compassion and sowing unity rather than judgment and division. We can listen deeply to understand differing views while standing firmly for justice and truth. We can spread more light through random acts of kindness. The ripples we create by emanating peace can reach further than we imagine.

I hope this brings you hope and possibilities. Learn more simple ways to find your calm – download my free guide “5 Minutes to Calm