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Hypnosis for Change

hypnosis is not like a magic wand for change

I hate to break it to you – there is NO magic wand for change.

As a hypnotist for 20 years, I\’ve had many clients come to me hoping for a quick fix. Believe me, I understand the desire for a magic solution! Even knowing better, I hoped for one myself for years.

As a hypnosis coach, I often work with weight loss clients like my client Rachel (not her real name), 71. Initially, made good progress but then slipped back into indulgent habits. I reminded her that real, lasting change requires mindful action on our part. This is a lesson I learned through my own journeys to stop drinking and drop and keep off 50 pounds!

How using hypnosis for change actually changed my life!

Hypnosis opened the door by reshaping my subconscious beliefs and cravings. But it was up to me to walk through that door by making empowered choices daily – passing on drinks at parties, adopting self-care over comfort eating. There were ups and downs, but by staying focused, I dropped 50 pounds and quit alcohol for good.

I guide clients like Rachel to apply these same principles. Hypnosis can rewire our brains, but we must partner with it through awareness and aligned action. When she slipped up, I helped realign her focus. Her renewed commitment to mindful action has allowed her to regain traction in her weight loss journey.

Small daily actions create ripples that build into waves of transformation. Hypnosis opens the door – but we hold the key to lasting change. I’m proud to walk alongside clients like Rachel as we cultivate mindful action and consciously create the lives we desire.