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Quit Your Stinkin Thinkin

A red pen can help change negative thoughts

Turn Negative Thoughts Around with a Simple Pen Exercise

Chances are, you remember getting papers back covered in red pen corrections. While those childhood memories can stick with us, I want to show you how to flip the script and use pens to empower your thinking.


In my latest video, I demonstrate a straightforward technique that leverages the power of color psychology. By crossing out your persistent negative thoughts in red ink and then re-framing them in black or blue, you can begin to shift your inner voice to be more constructive and solution-oriented.

It only takes a few minutes to do this simple written exercise, but it can make a real difference in moving from rumination to imagination. You’ll walk away feeling more energized and equipped to tackle goals and possibilities using the power of “what if” thinking.

Don’t let self-doubt and fear hold your creativity hostage for another day. Watch this video now to learn how a  simple pen exercise can help get you out of stinkin thinkin  and gain a fresh perspective!

Now, about your stinkin thinkin…

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