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Self Talk: Are You Listening?

Are you listening to your self talk?.

Transform Your Inner Voice with Positive Self-Talk

Speaking negatively to yourself can be incredibly damaging for your mental health and self-image.

This type of toxic self-talk reinforces less than helpful thought patterns, erodes your confidence, triggers anxiety, and strains relationships.

Instead, make a conscious effort to practice positive self-talk. When you catch yourself being extremely self-critical, pause and reframe it. Focus on your strengths and celebrate small wins and progress. Treat yourself with the compassion and kindness you deserve.

Implementing regular positive self-talk takes practice

but can help boost your self-esteem and outlook. Remind yourself of your self-worth. Challenge negative thoughts and shift your inner voice to be more empowering. Reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Self-talk can be crippling, but you can turn the conversation around.

The first step is creating good conversations with yourself is awareness of what you are actually saying to yourself. This is not so you can beat yourself up and think “oh here I go again.” It is the opposite, by becoming aware, you can take action to quiet that voice, lessen its grip on you, and even become friends… your inner voice will never go away, but if you can create boundaries and ground rules it can be one of your most valued relationships.

Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds. When you look in the mirror, you start thinking “oh I’m so fat, I’m never going to lose weight.” As soon as you become aware of that voice, hold your hand out like a traffic cop and say “cancel/cancel” and then reframe the way you speak to yourself. I’m not
suggesting you say, “I am at my perfect and ideal weight” (you don’t believe that). Instead, you could say, “I’m not happy with my current weight and I know that I can find new ways to start getting healthier.” Do you notice how that feels softer, less judgmental, and open to possibilities?

You have unique gifts to offer and are worthy of love and respect. With consistent mindful effort, you can rewire your brain to think more positively about yourself. Start small by correcting damaging self-criticism and celebrating your strengths. Over time, positive self-talk will come more naturally, helping you achieve personal growth.

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