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Stressed About Back to School?

A school bus driving down the road with the words back to school stress.


3 Simple Breathing Exercises for Back-to-School & Entrepreneur Stress

As summer winds down, two groups in particular may be feeling the squeeze – parents preparing kids for school and entrepreneurs gearing up for a busy fall. According to surveys, over 63% of moms and 50% of small business owners report high levels of stress this time of year.

Whether juggling kid activities or client deadlines, the transition from relaxed summer schedules can add undue pressure. As one entrepreneur told me, “Wrapping up summer projects while planning fall launches leaves me feeling burned out before the busy season even starts.”

Parents and business owners face common stress triggers:

– Adjusting schedules and responsibilities

– Worrying over performance expectations

– Managing relationships and multiple priorities

– Financial concerns like back-to-school costs or Q4 goals

Luckily, the following brief breathing techniques can benefit anyone’s well-being:

1. Square Breathing: Inhale 4 secs, hold 4 secs, exhale 4 secs, hold 4 secs. Calms the nervous system.

2. Counted Inhales: Breathe in slowly for 5 counts, out for 5. Great for quick sessions on the go.

3. Crossing The Midline: Gently move a pen or object from hand to hand while breathing. Shifts tension throughout the body.

As a former PTA leader and entrepreneur, I’ve seen how stress impacts both parents and solopreneurs. One successful business owner swears by daily morning breathing sessions to feel focused without anxiety. Whether at home or in the home office, make some “me time” to proactively manage back-to-reality stresses through the power of your breath.

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