Amazon books on anxiety

Amazon books on anxiety- there are a lot of them, so how do you choose?

Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom®” debuted on on March 13, 2018.  It was briefly in the #1 Bestseller spot!
Amazon books on anxiety - Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom

As of this writing (45 days later), it already has 23 five star reviews!

  •  Having practiced some of these techniques, I have found them to be invaluable tools for reducing anxiety, and freeing me to find peace and to act, rather than “react” to the stresses that can sometimes feel overwhelming. I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for solutions to the problems caused by stress and anxiety!
  • The tools Stephanie teaches help me every day. After years of trying all sorts of therapies, I knew I found someone who understood. By practicing Stephanie’s suggestions daily, tremendous changes have happened in such a short time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • This little book is life-changing, as is Stephanie. When you are overwhelmed with the complexities of life the last thing you need are time-consuming resources and techniques. Every solution in this book is simple and easy to work into your day to day life… no matter how busy you are… Buy one for yourself and everyone you know, I can guarantee you will all be saying “Anxiety, Hello Freedom®” and be happier, more productive, and pull out of living in the past. Pretty good stuff…
  • What a gem! This book offers very accessible tools to support emotional wellness for both adults and children. I love how Stephanie Dalfonzo provides her readers with a free “re-set” mini-meditations for the morning, mid-day, and bedtime. As a school teacher and a children’s yoga and mindfulness educator, I look forward to adding these practices to my wheelhouse.

In April, Debbie Phillips, founder of Women On Fire® named “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom®” as “the April 2018 Women on Fire Book to Live By”.  This prestigious list includes Sister Joan Chittister (author of 50 books and an appearance on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday) and Michelle Obama’s White House photographer,  Amanda Lucidon.

Amazon books on anxiety


Also in April, I had my first TV appearance to promote my new book on Good Morning CT with Jocelyn Maminta.  CLICK HERE to watch.

Amazon books on anxiety } WTNH interview

‘This book literally “birthed” out of me.  Born out of my own lifelong struggle with anxiety, My 20 plus years of researching holistic, natural and scientifically proven skills and techniques to overcome anxiety came tumbling out:  from the whisper of “it’s time to write the book” to publication was only two months!

I include 35 different skills and techniques to overcome anxiety  — not that you need to learn all of them.  However, I include so many different options because I know that “one size does NOT fit all!”.  I invite the reader to peruse the options, find three or four that feel right to them and then begin using them on a daily basis.

I’m very clear that, just like when we learn any new skill, it takes repetition (and lots of it) to build up these new emotional resilience skills.

If you’d like to get started now, CLICK HERE to learn five breath techniques to calm anxiety.

You can find a lot of Amazon books on anxiety.  I picked up one that was over 500 pages!!!  That’s enough to cause all out panic for someone looking for anxiety relief! As one reader shared about “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom®”, “This little book is filled with easy, manageable things you can do every day or as needed to reduce stress and live a calmer, happier and more peaceful life.”

I am excited to announce my “Buy a book, donate a book” initiative!  Stay tuned for details – it is going to be life changing!


Looking for more help than a book?  CLICK HERE to learn more about working with me.

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