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How a bag of Cheetos (and EFT) saved my sanity

How Cheetos led me to learn how to rewire my anxious brain

I wished I had already known EFT.

I stood in my kitchen smashing the bag of Cheetos over and over again as my poor children begged their out of control mother to stop destroying their precious “treat” of junk food. They almost never got “junk food” and they were so excited to see the bag of Cheetos. It was ridiculous, really: one of them probably poked the other or said something and I just SNAPPED! My anxiety had exploded into insomnia and I couldn’t function normally anymore. I couldn’t go on like that and I couldn’t continue to subject my kids to it either. To this day, that episode is seared into my daughter’s memory. Over 20 years later, that scene flashes into her mind every time she sees a bag of Cheetos in the grocery store. We joke about it now, but it is not one of my finer moments.

I did what most people do and went to the doctor and got a prescription for Ambien – this was 1995 – it’s been around that long! Relief! Or so I thought. It worked for a short time – and then it stopped working. Then panic really set in. “What if I take the pill and it doesn’t work and I don’t sleep again?” It was absolutely horrible, not just for me, but for my husband and kids too. I knew I needed relief and it wasn’t coming from a pill.

EFT to the rescue!

I began researching holistic and natural approaches to anxiety relief. That’s when a miracle happened! I “just happened” to be on a teleclass when Stanford trained engineer Gary Craig was introducing his new technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping. He explained that it was energy psychology that was like acupuncture without needles and best of all, you could self apply it! I figured I had nothing to lose – except my anxiety and insomnia!

I began tapping, practicing EFT

every day and it began to work! I had more and more nights where I slept through the whole night! I was so excited I wanted to share it with everyone, but remember this was 1995 and nobody knew about it yet. I would share it with people and watch their eyes glaze over – they really did think I had lost my sanity!

Now, over 20 years later, I continue to practice EFT Tapping and have taught it to thousands of clients. When I had my Danbury Hypnosis practice, I shared EFT with clients to overcome cigarette and food cravings, overcome fears and anxiety and more. Gary Craig said try it on everything and I have!

Learn 5 Easy Ways to Calm Anxiety

Earlier this year, the US Veteran’s Administration approved EFT as a “generally safe” therapy for its therapists to use with their patients with anxiety, depression, PTSD and more.

learn eft and feel how beautifully it can help you to feel calmer quickly!

I have learned and practiced many different energy psychology techniques over the years and still am incredibly grateful to Gary Craig for helping me get on the road to saving my sanity all those years ago! It’s been a journey – I didn’t just tap once and my anxiety was gone. Just like any lifestyle change – getting an exercise routine in place, eating healthier, quitting smoking or drinking, you have to work at it on a continuous basis to see results.

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P.S. Last year while my kids were home for a visit, they noticed how “zen” I had become and asked if I’d started “smoking weed”. No, I’ve just found the right ways to calm anxiety so that no matter what happens, I can keep my balance – and my cool!

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2 thoughts on “How a bag of Cheetos (and EFT) saved my sanity”

  1. LOVE this Stephanie!
    I’ve only done a little bit of EFT/tapping, but was floored at how calm it made me feel.
    Thanks also for sharing your story about the Cheetos! Nothing like seeing our children’s response to our behavior to realize something needs to change.
    Great post!

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