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​This weekend officially ushers in fall and I am trying to squeeze in every drop of gorgeous weather I can! This is a sacred space that I am blessed to walk in every day with my sweet dog Maggie. I HAVE to connect with nature EVERY day! That is one of my self care practices.say

Let me clear up the confusion: Just because I wrote the book “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom” doesn’t mean I don’t experience anxiety! It means I practice simple strategies EVERY – SINGLE – DAY to prevent the buildup of stress and anxiety. But just like we can practice the best oral hygiene and still occasionally develop a small cavity, sometimes stress and anxiety build up to a crescendo too.

This happened to me recently – my anxiety levels went sky high! I started worrying about everything…the knots in my neck and shoulders were like golf balls…random events played in my head at bedtime…So, like I share with my clients, I had a choice: I could go into old patterns and FREAK OUT – OR I could double down on my self care and get back to emotional balance. I doubled down! Yoga, meditation, essential oils, breath techniques – and yes, I DID find my emotional balance…and it didn’t take long!

The KEY to saying “Goodbye Anxiety” is not thinking “I’ll do this technique once and it will be all gone” – it is practicing, on a consistent basis, the tools and techniques I share in my book, so that when stress and anxiety do come up, you have the healthy habits to calm them back down, already in place! Think about it the same way as brushing your teeth: we brush every day to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar – hopefully preventing cavities and gum disease. Ongoing anxiety is a habit, the best way to overcome a habit is to install a new one.

Grab some headphones and give this a listen–Neuroscience says you can reduce your anxiety by up to 65% when you listen to this song!

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