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Change is hard! (or is it?)

Change is hard.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.  It’s a very famous quote by Wayne Dyer – and yet, it seems that sometimes when we hear things over and over again, we lose the meaning.

What does this mean to you?  The inspiration really came home to me on a beautiful summer Sunday morning sitting out on my deck (that I affectionately call my “Zen outdoor room”).

I have beautiful flowers and nourishing tomatoes growing

AND I have my bird feeders!

AND my beautiful wind chimes!


finding #peace with a 3 part breath

And yet, for far longer than I would like to admit, rather than sitting on my deck enjoying the sounds of nature, I would be focusing on my neighbor’s dogs barking next door.  They have 4 dogs who they leave outside most of the time and sometimes it feels like I am living next to a kennel!  Yet, by me focusing on them and “how inconsiderate they are”, I was robbing myself of the peace that I had so carefully set up!

Little by little, I began practicing what I teach my clients!  The moment I would notice my attention going to the  barking dogs, I would stop….do one of my many breath techniques, and allow my awareness to go to the sound of the birds chirping happily as they enjoyed the “free food” I supply or the gentle “tinging” of the wind chimes as they lazily sway in the gentle breeze.  I began to focus on gratitude rather than stress.

BELIEVE ME!!  I am not saying this happened overnight – I get it!  Change is hard!  (My husband will tell you how funny it is that while I am excellent at helping others to change, I am probably one of the most change phobic people he knows!)  However, by simply beginning where I was, letting go of the judgement of self when I noticed I was focusing on my anger and irritation at my neighbors, I suddenly realized on that beautiful sunny summer morning that I HAD changed what I looked at/what I listened to and the things I look at/listen changed!  When we are able to reduce stress and allow for the more “natural” way of gratitude, it is a much more peaceful way to live!

Another way of putting it is “your thoughts become your reality” – I am paying much more closely to mine – how about you?

How have you begun to change the way you look at things and how has that impacted your life?  I’d love to hear from you – please comment below!

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Love & Blessings,


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