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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

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When you change your perspective, boy can you change your life!

The late Wayne Dyer  said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I had heard that quote often and boy did it hit home in the fall, as school buses and back to school sales started appearing,


and I found myself feeling a wave of grief wash over me.  I had recently helped my son move to the Florida Keys to start his “adult life” for his first job out of college.


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For the first time in 21 years, there was no “new year” for me; – or was there?  I realized then that I could make a choice – I could wallow in grief and self-pity, OR I could choose to change my perspective.  I could choose to recognize that I prepared and sent 2 amazing young adults off into the world and now it was MY TIME.  By shifting my focus, it allowed me to see that the “new year” could AND WOULD be for me!  Thankfully, I had been working on my podcast The Power to Change Your Life for the prior 6 months.  This new mindset allowed me to double down my efforts and get my amazing guests and information out into the world in a much bigger way!    Had I continued to only look at what I was “missing”, I would have chosen grief over happiness and Blessings (and that is NOT a productive mindset!)

I know I am not the first (or last) mom to deal with this; I also know that many of us have had to make a choice for a new mindset.  I believe that many times we aren’t even aware that we have a specific mindset that needs shifting – the unconscious programs running below the surface are actually running the show!  I am so grateful to the many teachers, healers, coaches and friends who, over the years, have taught me so many ways to become aware of this AND taught me the many techniques I now teach others to help them recognize and shift into a new perspective.

Is there a time when you have changed your perspective and it has lead to a life change?  Is there a time when you realize later that perhaps a mindset shift could have lead you in a different direction?

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Many Blessings!



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