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Do People Change? Change doesn’t have to be hard.

Do people change?

Do People Change?

According to U.S. News & World Report,  about 80 percent of people fail their New Year’s Resolutions, so apparently the answer to “do people change” is no.

Are you part of the 80 percent? Do you resist change? You can see – you are NOT alone!

For over 20 years, I’ve helped thousands of people make incredible life changes, from fears and phobias to becoming non smokers for life. Yet, I’ve often said I am one of the most change phobic people you’ll ever meet. It’s like the shoemaker’s kids who had holes in their shoes!

Case study for “Do people change?”

Recently my car’s transmission started slipping and my mechanic said get rid of it and fast! I did, and yet for the first week, rather than focusing on how wonderful and fun it is to drive a newer, sportier car with a great sound system and leather seats, I was sad that I was no longer driving my 13-year-old “mom-mobile” with 169,000 miles on it!

I realized that people change when they start telling a different story! I recently learned the meaning of “Abracadabra”. We’ve all heard magicians use it, but what does it really mean? It is from the ancient Aramaic language (what Jesus spoke) and means “What I speak is what  I create.” By speaking about how sad I was to no longer be in my falling apart old car, I was creating the sadness. 

When, instead, I started saying how grateful I am to drive a safe, reliable car, I created feelings of JOY! With more feelings of joy, there’s less room for stress and anxiety.

When we say “change is hard and stressful and overwhelming”, guess what? It is!

What if instead, we were to say “I embrace change with joy and ease”?

Try it for the next seven days and see how you respond differently to the question “Do people change?”

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1 thought on “Do People Change? Change doesn’t have to be hard.”

  1. This is so true, Stephanie. Thanks for the reminder as I enter a big transitional time of change!

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