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Do you remember Candyland?

Life is a journey like Candyland - with lots of twists and turns

​It’s been a while. I had a lot of “beach time ” over the summer and have been working on pivoting in my business. I’m excited to share it with you soon!

Recently, my amazing business coach and I were talking about how whether it’s life or business, the journey is never a straight line. It’s more like Candyland – with lots of twists and turns.

She almost fell out of her chair when I showed up to our next call with a Candyland board in hand! Yup, right after our first call, I ran up to Target to buy the game, so it could inspire me even deeper on this idea that life is a beautiful, messy and complicated journey. It is never a straight line!

I have often said that none of us gets through this life untouched. I’ve been through a lot – divorced alcoholic parents, sexual trauma, my father’s suicide, my husband’s life-threatening health challenges, 2 cross country moves and a whole lot more!

I don’t’ share this for sympathy – it’s the cards I’ve been dealt with. We all face challenges. I live by this:

Fall down seven times, get up eight. ~Lao Tzu

What’s important for me is that I was (and continue to be) open to do the healing work. I can’t offer my hypnosis and healing work without doing my own work first!

But it doesn’t end there. Just because I wrote the book “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom ” doesn’t mean I don’t ever experience anxiety! I still do – though thankfully never to the paralyzing extents I used to. It’s because when I recognize it starting to come up, I know what to do to calm it back down.

I have regular sessions with my spiritual healer. Just like our cars need regular maintenance, we do too!

So my approach with my clients of “do the healing work AND have ways to keep emotional balance ” comes from my personal experience. In working with thousands of clients for close to 20 years, I know that they must go hand in hand.

I’d love to hear from you – has your life journey been a straight line or lots of twists and turns?

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