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Fear Be Gone! 3 Keys to Help Conquer Fear

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Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety That Work!

“I want to learn relaxation techniques for anxiety too!”  I heard from so many people who were inspired by last week’s photo of Sara (The Five Foot Traveler) jumping out of an airplane!  The most heartwarming was a note from her grandfather saying “As you can see, it was all wildly successful. We are so grateful to you for the work you and Sarah did together to turn her into this flying machine. Liz says it is the best money they ever spent”.

One of the many facets of this that thrill me is that, at 19 years old, this beautiful young woman was courageous enough to face fear in the eye and say “I will not allow you to have control over me anymore”! The whole trajectory of her life changed! Imagine, if at that fork in the road of her life, she hadn’t? Would she be “The Five Foot Traveler”? I dare say NO! Does it mean that she wouldn’t have a happy life? Of course not! Just look at that smile – she is an amazing young woman and would have had a really rich life no matter what. But by confronting her fear, she truly opened up to the incredible power she has within!

The Five Traveler: from crippling fear of flying to skydiving!

Anne Tyler’s book “Back When We Were Grownups” begins with “Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person.”

WOW – let that sit for a minute. What if we look back on a specific fork in the road with a deep ache of regret? Because we didn’t take that fork then, is it too late? I fiercely and boldly say NO! I used to have a sign in my waiting room that said: “It’s never too late to be who you might have been”. I purposely had it in the waiting room to prep my clients to open up to possibilities!


I have taught thousands of clients relaxation techniques for anxiety that work!

(Truth be told, I fall a little in love with almost all of them!) One of my particular favorites who will always stand out of me was an 82-year-old sweet nana who had dealt with anxiety her whole life and finally said “enough”! Can you imagine? What an inspiration for me and all who were Blessed to witness the transformation! She’s another incredible inspiration to me, because she was tired of making excuses like “well, this is just how it is”. She knew that she could break free of the grip of anxiety and fear and live out her remaining years on her terms, not fear’s.

The thing about fear is it is insidious.

Kinda makes me think about the story of boiling a frog. (I know, it’s gross and I’m sorry, but I can’t think of another story that fits right now!) Bottom line is that if you put a frog into boiling water, it jumps out. But if you put the frog in cool water and slowly bring the temperature up, it doesn’t notice the danger and then is cooked to death.

Many of us experience fear, without noticing it creeping up, for years on end until one day BAM! We go full on into a sweat-inducing, knee knocking panic attack, and in some cases a trip to the emergency room. But what if we were to notice it earlier and do something about it like Sarah did? That’s a game changer!  We did the healing work AND she learned relaxation techniques for anxiety.

Yet, even if we take that different fork in the road, it is never too late! Look at my sweet nana client who sent me this: “I knew I had made a mistake. Guess what? For the VERY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I did not get upset, just kept my cool. I cannot believe how much control I had. Hopefully, this is the turning point in my life. I can’t put it all into writing but you know enough about me to understand how terrific I feel about myself today. Enough said. Thanks for all your help.”

Imagine waiting 82 years to feel terrific. Why wait to learn relaxation techniques for anxiety? 

If you want to start learning how to conquer your fears, here are 3 quick tools that you can begin using today:

  1. EFT/TAPPING – this is an amazing self-help technique for anxiety that you can learn quickly and have great results! (click here to access the cheat sheet)
  2. Breathwork – I did a podcast where you can learn 3 different breath relaxation techniques for anxiety (click here to listen to it)
  3. Essential oils that are great for reducing sad and anxious feelings include Basil, Cinnamon, Lavender and Myrrh. Click here if you’d like to schedule a quick 15-minute call to find out what oils would work best for you,

The bottom line is to not let fear limit your possibilities. In her latest book, “In The Unlikely Event”, Judy Blume urges us to not be afraid to get on a plane, take career risks, pursue our dreams, fall in love…After all, life is made up of unlikely events, and they aren’t all “bad”. There are good ones, too.

Love and Blessings,


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