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Fear of flying – GONE!

fear of flying - gone!

Fear of flying – GONE!


fear hypnosis to overcome fear of flying

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I saw these on Facebook! I remember the day, many years ago, when this young woman and her mother first came to my office. They had a family vacation planned and this young woman was not going! NO WAY was she going to get on an airplane!

The mother went on to explain they knew exactly when her fear of flying began. I smiled and said “maybe, maybe not” (knowing that a problem created in the subconscious mind cannot be resolved with the conscious mind). Turns out it was not what they thought, but another situation that had been buried deep in her subconscious mind. We were able to heal it, literally freeing her from her debilitating fear and now here she is jumping out of an airplane and FLYING an airplane! 

This significant life change changed EVERYTHING for Sarah! When we met she was a student at New York University (NYU.) Overcoming her “crippling fear of flying” (her words) allowed her to become “The Five Foot Traveler!”

**update – May 2022.  Sarah just became engaged to her long term travel partner!

The essential first step in overcoming a fear is you just decide to quit.

I have had to overcome a lot in this lifetime. I tried cognitive behavioral therapy and I still felt stuck.  Once I learned hypnosis, I knew that all I had to do what decide to just quit.  I know, that sounds so easy, but once you make that critical decision, everything changes!

Many nervous flyers try virtual reality exposure – why?????  My approach is that we don’t need to be re-traumatized in order to hearl

When I worked with Sarah, it was a gentle process and rather than working at the conscious level of the mind, we work at the subconscious level.  And with that, she was able to go from having a full blown panic attack to skydiving!

Now, I understand, you probably don’t want to jump out of an airplane, bu what if, just “what if” you could overcome your fear?

Take a moment to imagine what that might feel like?

Fear of flying/Fear of needles

There are million different fears – fear of flying and fear of needles are the most common I have dealt with over the years.

I have been blessed to have an enlightened pediatrician who has been sending her pediatric patients with fears to me for over a decade.

Rylee used to have to be held down by two adults while getting shots, while she kicked and screamed. Here she is ever so calmly getting her flu shot.

In her mother’s words: “Not to sound corny, but this was miracle level stuff!”

Being fearful is exhausting! Have you had enough? If not now, then when? It would be my utmost honor and thrill to help you break free from those stuck places so that you can let your light shine freely and feel freedom….TRUE FREEDOM.

“Stephanie was a key factor in my ability to move out of a debilitating pattern of daily panic attacks. I worked with her for three months, and since the beginning of that process I have been panic attack free. She is an empathetic listener and provided tools for me to use daily to stay on track.” ~Kristen Vallejo

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