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How to get rid of anxiety naturally

Get rid of anxiety naturally

A friend of mine, who just spent the weekend with her almost 3 year old granddaughter , shared with me her concerns that she is too “plugged in” with electronics. I see this as a troubling trend – I believe that there is a correlation between being constantly being plugged in and anxiety levels. Not coincidentally, in the past year I have seen a real uptick in the number of calls from parents concerned about their child’s anxiety level. As a mother myself, I feel so sad that kids are dealing with so much anxiety at such a young age. As an Intuitive Healer, I am so grateful to the enlightened parents who are willing to seek out the power of healing for their little ones. I see our little ones so connected to their devices and having less and less actual face to face communication.

Hypnosis to get rid of anxiety

I am thrilled to use hypnosis to get rid  anxiety, whether it’s for little ones or “more experienced” people! However, one of my favorite techniques to use and teach is EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as Tapping). I “stumbled across” this amazing technique while on a “teleclass” with Cheryl Richardson back in 1995/1996. (Back then, this was cutting edge technology!) Her guest that evening was Gary Craig, a Stanford trained engineer, and he was talking about this crazy “tapping” that could help get rid of anxiety, help with sleep issues and help reduce all kinds of different negative emotions. Help with insomnia?????!!!!! That sure grabbed my attention! A former radio DJ, I had recently finished what would be my last radio job – as a morning show host. With 2 small children and a husband who traveled, I was getting up at 3:30 am and when that job was over, my sleep cycle was a mess!

Even back then, doctors were prescribing Ambien. As is common with many clients I have since helped with sleep issues over the years, it worked for a short time — and then it didn’t. I was desperate, so I thought I’d give EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques a try. In an relatively short time, I was able to sleep again! I couldn’t help but tell everyone I knew about this easy to learn, easy to use tool–think acupuncture without needles. At the time I was a stay at home mom, so most people would just roll their eyes and move on.

I studied 3 times with Gary Craig before he retired and learned more and more about EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques. He always said, “try it on everything” and I have! Whether it is helping someone to learn how to get rid of anxiety, a smoker curbing their cravings, someone with insomnia or someone with a fear of public speaking, EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques works!

There have been quite a few variations on EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques over the years. The one I currently use and teach my clients is Faster EFT, created by Robert G. Smith. You deserve to be happy, healthy and to thrive.

 click here to access my Faster EFT cheat sheet, start tapping and then come back and leave a comment, letting me know how it’s working for you! Happy tapping!
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