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How to Lower Anxiety With Simple Breath Techniques

Reduce anxiety

When you’re feeling anxious for no reason, you want to learn how to lower anxiety – fast!

After over 20 years of research for how to get rid of anxiety fast, I have discovered many brain-based techniques that are simple enough to teach a six-year-old.

During this time of year, with all the pressure on holiday gift-giving and get-togethers, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Here are some super simple brain-based ways to lower anxiety:

  • This is one of my favorite breath techniques – and it’s SO EASY!

  • “What’s Right, Right Now?”

Asking that question interrupts the stress cycle and stimulates the parasympathetic (rest and relax) nervous system. In the midst of looking at everything that seems to NOT be going right, STOP and ask yourself “What’s Right, Right Now?” For me, right now, what’s right is that my husband and I are healthy. We have a nice home with plenty of oil to keep us warm during these cold months. I find that when I practice this on a regular basis, I lower my anxiety overall, not just in the moment.

  • Take a digital time-out:

This is a tough one for many of us. Our phones and devices are intentionally addictive. Each time we receive a notification, it gives us a hit of dopamine (a happy hormone.) Once we get a hit of dopamine, we want MORE dopamine, so we scroll some more.

The average person checks their phone 344 times a day – that is NOT going to help you reduce anxiety!


A digital time-out can look very different for all of us. I personally have my phone on silent most of the time. This helps me to not react every time a text or new email come in. I remember asking a client if she could turn  off her notifications for just 3 days. She absolutey could not – she got extremely anxious just thinking about it.  So we came up with a plan that worked for her – turning off all notifications except for texts (so she  wouldn’t miss something important from her kids.) She was surprised that something so simple could so easiy  help her to stop feeling anxious all the time.

I invite you to find YOUR digital time out for the next 7 days and then check to see how you are feeling anxious for no reason a lot less of the time.

I’d love to hear how these simple techniques work for you – please comment below.

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