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Cancer miracle

Dear friends,

If you have hung around me for any time, you know I love to get people to open up to possibilities and hope!

Tomorrow is World Cancer Day. I want to inspire you with a very important personal story – and hope you will share it with friends and family.

In the fall of 2018, my husband Michael was diagnosed with an extremely rare and fatal cancer. With treatment, a 25% chance of survival at one year, 0% chance at two.

While he has been incredibly supportive of the “out there” things that I have been into, he had not been into them with me. When he got this frightening diagnosis, he was scared enough to try anything!

I immediately started him on:

Spring green juice recipe from Medical Medium Anthony William.

Wild blueberry smoothies. William says wild blueberries are THE super food and that there’s not a cancer they can’t prevent. I have been having them for years, and Michael continues to have them daily too.

Healing session with a shamanic practitioner.

A sound healer from California “just happened” to be holding a sound healing concert at a very small town in Connecticut. Michael grudgingly attended. (I thought it was fantastic!)

Certain essential oils taken internally.

To prepare for our visit with “the specialist” for this specific cancer, Michael had to have a PET scan. His primary care doctor couldn’t get on the phone fast enough to tell him that all margins were clear! The medical community won’t say “there’s no cancer,” but all clear means no cancer!

Looking back, I’m not sure why we still kept the appointment. But the doctor had a very befuddled look on his face and kind of bumbled around for a bit. Again, he is not saying “Wait, there’s no cancer.”

Finally he said “You have 3 options. 1. Take a wait and see approach. 2. Have the remaining tissue excised from his arm. 3. 15 weeks of radiation. My reply was “If wait and see is an option, radiation is not our first choice!”

We chose to have the remaining tissue excised from his arm. On December 21st, 2018 (the winter solstice – the shortest and darkest day of the year), I got the phone call from the dermatologist’s office – “There is no residuum.” I said, “I know! It’s a miracle! There’s no cancer!” I was told again “There is no residuum.”

I am not saying if you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer to do what we did. I can’t say which of the protocols were our miracle or if it was a combination of all.

Everyone needs to make their own health care choices in alignment with their belief systems. I already knew that miracles happen. Michael had his first medical miracle almost 18 years ago when he received his life saving liver transplant. He was not the designated recipient – he was the back up!

I just want to share our story and inspire you to believe that miracles DO happen. Please forward this to friends and family that you want to inspire.

According to that diagnosis, Michael was supposed to be dead by now. As I type this, he is healthy and outside shoveling the driveway.

As a fun aside, many employees of our local Trader Joe’s know our cancer miracle story. Not only are they having wild blueberries every day, some share our story with customers buying wild blueberries! BTW you find them in the frozen berry section at most grocery stores.

I’d love to hear how this inspired you – please hit reply!


2 thoughts on “Miracle!”

  1. Very inspiring story. Sending you much love and healing power. My story is similar in that I did not opt to do chemo for a rare and aggressive cancer in my uterus. I had the surgery for sure and felt it was gone. This was 8 years ago. It was only stage one but the oncologists warned me it could come back in 6 months and be In my liver or lungs and "then they couldn't help me". Fortunately for me I had several friends that had beaten cancer with diet and mind exercises such as visualization, meditation, gratitude lists and physical exercise such as Qigong. I'm fine so far and very grateful for my friends that helped guide me to a better quality of life. I still avoid sugar, processed foods and saturated fats.

    Thank you for posting this journey.

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