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Miracles Happen

Miracles happen stephanie and michael dalfonzo

Do you believe miracles happen?

Even if you answer no, after I share these uplifting stores, you just may believe in miracles!

Miracles happen, but first… In August of 2001, I got the middle of the night phone call we all dread. My husband, Michael, had driven off the road and was found in a ditch. I let out a primal scream that seemed to last forever. When I finally stopped, the officer said he wasn’t dead and he was on the way to the hospital. I grabbed a pen and paper and  asked the officer’s name. He said “Officer so and so, from Chappaqua, home of the Clintons, ma’am,” It was such a bizarre response, I can still hear it in my mind today.

We discovered my husband had gone into liver failure – the first of many times to come. On 9/11, as we were driving to yet another procedure, we heard the news of the first plane crashing into the tower. Torn between rushing to gather my children from their school and caring for my husband, I frantically called a friend to go get my kids.

I sat in the silent waiting room as we all watched the horrors of what was happening less than an hour away. As we, along with the rest of our country, were reeling, we received the news that my husband needed a liver transplant. I became a super caregiver and patient advocate for Michael. I had a thick book with all his test results and notes from each and every appointment.

This would serve to be a very important part of this miracle.

Over the next three years, he went into liver failure 12 – 15 times, each time inches from death. I was able to follow a specific protocol and pull him through and back to life. Until April, 2003. I got another “dreaded phone call”, this time from his boss. They were in Las Vegas and Michael had gone into liver failure. The ambulance driver apologized to him for the poor healthcare in Las Vegas. I shared by phone with the medical staff the protocol I had used successfully so many times before.

But what did I know? They didn’t follow the protocol and by the time I flew across the country, I reached his hospital room and IT WAS EMPTY. I let out another primal scream. When the nurse finally calmed me down, she explained his organs were shutting down and they had moved him to ICU. What a bizarre “Stockholm Syndrome” type experience to be in the ICU waiting room. I was desperately trying to figure out a way to get him back to New York City, as organ after organ kept shutting down.


When I realized we were out of options and that he was going to die in Las Vegas, a miracle happened! The owner of my husband’s company somehow arranged a miracle: a medically equipped Lear Jet to fly us back to NYC! As I drove upfront with the ambulance driver to the plane, this one also apologized for the poor healthcare in Las Vegas. (Please keep in mind this was many years ago and I am sure that Las Vegas has top notch healthcare now!)

After a few days in the hospital in NYC, Michael was discharged, though much sicker than he had ever been before.  He looked like he had aged 20 years and walked with a cane. I sent emails to everyone in my address book to ask for prayers and them to ask everyone in their address book to add their prayers too.


On May 31, 2003, as I walked out the door to take my kids to the neighborhood pool, I got “The Call.” In full transparency, I told the woman on the phone that Michael was in liver failure but that it wasn’t bacterial. She said she needed to go to the next person on the list. My strong patient advocacy paid off! I told her to call the head of the transplant team who said he trusted me and for me to bring Michael in.

My sister and her wife came to care for our children, and other than them, we told no one else. Michael was the “backup”, not the “designated” recipient, and even if he did receive the transplant, there was a very real possibility that he could die on the table.

The next morning, they came into the hospital room to let us know he was receiving the transplant! (We have no idea what happened to the intended recipient.) It was incredibly successful and the head of the transplant team said Michael was a “Poster child of a successful transplant.” We were beyond grateful! One of his other doctors said it truly was a miracle. He never thought Michael would ever receive a transplant. Michael got to see both our kids grow up and graduate from high school and college.

Please become an organ donor. You could potentially save eight lives! My husband would not be here today were it not for a generous gift from a stranger from Texas.



Stephanie Dalfonzo, Mentor, Coach

​Fast forward sixteen years to our wedding anniversary, September 2018. As he had done before, Michael went to the dermatologist to have a lesion on his arm biopsied. Previously, he had some basal cell skin carcinomas removed and it wasn’t a big deal. We weren’t prepared for what was to come. Unlike previous times, this time the result came back as an incredibly RARE and FATAL cancer. Research I found showed, with treatment, a 25% chance of survival at one year and 0% chance of survival at two years. Ironically, this cancer was caused by the anti rejection medication he has been taking!

I believe in miracles and I believe in possibilities, so I swung into action! I got Michael to agree to various healing modalities (something he did NOT believe in, but he was desperate.) He received energy healings, a sound healing, I made him specific green juices marketed as being “anti-cancer”, wild blueberry smoothies,  and I had him take some incredibly powerful essential oils.


Shortly before our appointment with “the specialist” for this specific cancer, Michael had a PET scan. His primary doctor couldn’t get on the phone fast enough to share the results: CLEAR. We still followed through with our appointment with the specialist. He wouldn’t say “there is no cancer” (none of the medical doctors will), but he certainly seemed befuddled.

He informed us of three options:

  • Take a wait and see approach
  • Surgically remove the remainder on his arm
  • Fifteen weeks of radiation

(Interestingly when I received the doctor’s notes, there was only mention of radiation.)

We opted for the surgery and on December 21st, the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year, I received the phone call, “There is no residuum.” Miracles happen! The medical community will not say “there is no cancer” or that this was a miracle, but how else can you explain three different pathologists confirmed this fatal diagnosis and today my husband is thankfully cancer free?!

I share this to spread hope and possibilities. Which of the various protocols we did was “THE ONE”? I have no idea. We are simply filled with gratitude beyond belief that my husband has experienced not one, but two medical miracles!

Now I’ll ask again: Do you believe miracles happen?  After hearing these uplifting stories, you just might!

I’d love to hear your comments below.

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