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Your Money Fear Is Keeping You Broke

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She arrived at my office on a Monday evening after work. She was shaking with anger and fear and worry. “I KNEW I had the winning Powerball numbers on Saturday night!  I was going to go in this morning and quit my miserable job and tell my awful boss to go to hell!

This poor sweet woman had seen the movie “The Secret” and thought if she just shut her eyes and believed, she could manifest anything she wanted. And here she was, still stuck in her miserable job, feeling trapped in a corner, unable to move, frozen in fear. As she learned, just closing your eyes and imagining those “winning numbers” wasn’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I think “The Secret” helped open up a lot of people to the Law of Attraction, but it did make it seem way too easy.

I first had to help this sweet soul to deal with her immediate anger, fear and disappointment. Once she calmed down, then we could begin the deeper work: healing her money fears.

Whether you are employed or self-employed, “rich” or “poor”, chances are your money mindset matches that of your parents.

If we grew up with messages like “money is the root of all evil”, “money isn’t spiritual”, “rich people are greedy”, etc., chances are we are going to have a fearful attitude around money.

If, on the other hand we grow up in a home where money is discussed openly and seen as something positive, chances are pretty good that we too have that same money mindset.

Money will always match your mindset.

You have to choose different thoughts about money


But even when someone is “financially successful”, there can still be some lingering mindset issues.

I vividly remember the day when I asked a new client how she heard about me and she said: “(name protected for privacy) said she worked with you and then the next year she  tripled her business .“  I about fell out of my chair! I had no idea that this person had had such astounding results from our work together.

Fast forward another couple years and this same person came back to me in tears because she wanted to break the “xx million dollar level” in her business. I’ve heard the phrase “new level, new devil” many times and here it was – right in front of me! Even though, by all outward appearances, this woman was “successful”, and holds herself out as an expert in mindset, she still had some inner voices she had to deal with.

Fear, no matter of what, can get a death grip on us and we can feel powerless and trapped. Ironically, the more we focus on our fear, the greater it gets until it’s 3 am and we are drenched in sweat, tossing and turning wondering how we are going to pay the mortgage.  It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Facing Your Money Fear Is A Step By Step Process

The first thing I recommend to turning your money fears around is to become aware of those little voices in your head that have been keeping you scared all these years. Many times, those voices start as a whisper, and then like the Tasmanian Devil, whirl us into a frenzy! The object of becoming aware is not so that now you can start beating yourself up for having those fearful thoughts, but so you can begin to pivot away from them.

Recently I brought this idea of “pivoting” up to a client. When I asked her if she ever played sports, she told me she was a Division 1 Basketball player (I had no idea!) So the concept of “pivoting” was perfect for her! For those of us who are not sports players (like me!), the idea is to fluidly move away from something. In the case of our inner critic screaming fear in our head: we first notice it, then pivot away from it to a better, more positive thought. Example: “I’m never going to make enough money”—change it to “I haven’t made enough in the past, but I am determined to change that now”.

This second step is crucial! You must change your thinking about money! I am not talking fairy tale thinking here. Obviously, if you are not making enough to pay your bills and I ask you to affirm “I easily make $1 million this year”, EVERYTHING in you is going to scream!!!!

Many people have pushed affirmations over the years. I’ve found a better way: Afformations®

This book by Noah St. John totally transformed the way I think of affirmations (you can pick up a copy on Amazon). Think about it, when you have money fears rooted deep in the subconscious mind, there is NO WAY you are going to be able to change them in the conscious mind! As soon as you affirm “I earn $1million this year”, your subconscious mind is screaming “Bullsh**!”

Albert Einstein said many years ago, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. The concept of “Afformations” is simple! Our minds are more powerful than any computers we’ve ever built and they work pretty much the same way.

So rather than “affirming” something and having our subconscious mind immediately shut it down, we turn it into a question. So turning “I’m never going to make enough money” into “Why do I always have enough money” and, like a Google search, our mind goes off in search of the answer!

Suddenly, you may find a $5 bill on the sidewalk, or have someone repay a loan from years past or a wacky Aunt who left you some money in a will.  Sure, it’s not having the winning Powerball numbers, but it’s movement in a positive direction!

My son and I used Afformations this past summer to help him find the ideal place to live within his budget. He is now living in a mansion for exactly what was in his budget! TRUE STORY!! You can learn more about that here.


Another “game” I love to play is with $1 bills.  If you can comfortably do it, get 50 $1 Bills and every day, hold them, fan them out, love on them… really expressing GRATITUDE to them.  That will definitely ramp up your positive vibrations.

Abraham-Hicks has a similar process using a $100 bill and keeping it in your wallet, not to spend, but to reinforce as you see something in a store (or online), “I could buy that”. Energetically I like the $1 bills better, but play around with it and see what works best for you.

Just the other day, I was walking at the reservoir near our house with my sweet dog Maggie and found that $1 bill in the photo.

I picked it up and loved on it and wow! Did I have a great rest of the day! I consciously chose to love on that $1 bill, when I could have been like “eh, $1, that’s nothing.” Instead, I chose to express gratitude and it helped me to raise my vibration! (Imagine multiplying that by 50!)

Sadly, when our kids were younger, there were many years when we just couldn’t afford to take family vacations. After working on my own money mindset issues, here we are as a family visiting our son in the Florida Keys!

I’m telling you:  this works!!  Try playing with Afformations and the $1 bill game for the next 7 days.  I think you’re in for a nice surprise!  (And stop listening to the negative voices in your head!)

Love & Blessings,


P.S. If you know you are ready to play “full out” and blast through your money fears, it would be my honor to help you! Click here – let set up a time to chat to see if we’re a good fit.


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  1. I love this Stephanie and what a great blab! I can’t wait to use the dollar bill strategy. I can imagine it being very effective and I am going to have to look into getting Afformations.

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