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National Cookie Day – celebration or binge?

cookies and stress eating

​It’s National Cookie Day – what’s your favorite?

I have such wonderful memories of making cookies with my kids when they were young. Every Christmas, we would bake dozens and dozens of cookies to give as presents.

It’s a tradition that my daughter continues – she’s added in soaps and truffles and hand knit works of art.

This year, many of us might be ditching the whole idea of baking and simply bingeing on whatever cookies we can buy so we can stuff down all the angst that 2020 has brought.

We all have experienced individual and collective anxiety and trauma. Chances are you may be feeling off-kilter, unsure, wondering how you are ever going to get your mojo back. I get it, I’ve been there.

In 2001, my husband went into liver failure and was told he needed a liver transplant. I was on the brink of falling into the abyss, afraid I was never going to be able to climb out again. I pushed through and still made the cookies because I wanted everything to feel “normal” for the kids.

It took a toll on me though, because I was putting everyone else’s needs ahead of mine. (sound familiar?)

Obviously, I persevered, my husband did have a successful liver transplant and I went on to create a successful hypnosis practice where I’ve helped thousands of people find their freedom and get their mojo back.

Isn’t it YOUR time? If you want to say GOODBYE 2020 and HELLO 2020 MOJO, I’d love to help.

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