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Out Of Balance? You’re Not Alone!

finding balance


Are you feeling out of balance?  OF COURSE you are – you are NOT alone!

We’re in the thick of it in September. We’re in a 2 week period between eclipses; Mercury is in retrograde for the last time this year,  there will be a blood moon on the 28th (when a total lunar eclipse coincides with a Supermoon – it hasn’t happened for 32 years!) so lots of crazy astrological stuff happening, plus of course the autumnal Equinox, Yom Kippur and the super moon…. So what does all of this mean for you?

Well my guides told me this was going to be an intense month and guess what— it really is! My clients are coming to me with all kinds of issues of overwhelm, miscommunication, stress and anxiety levels through the roof, energy levels on the floor, and not feeling well emotionally and physically.

Do you remember the commercials for the Weebles toys? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”.  The most important thing you can do right now to keep from falling down is to focus on extreme self care.

A few suggestions for self care:

  • Take a bath with epsom salts (great stress relief!)
  • Listen to a guided meditation (you can get mine free here)
  • Walk barefoot outside, in the grass (great for grounding)


Finding #balance during #stress ful times

  • Make sure to eat healthy foods
  • Dance!  Put your favorite music on and shake your body!!
  • Breathe. Here are a few of my favorite easy breath techniques
  • Journal – write down your inner thoughts and if it feels right, burn the paper.  I love burning rituals, because once something has burned, it can never go back into its original form.
  • Learn/use EFT/Tapping click here

Here’s one of my favorite ways to find balance – I am a devoted yogi and practice 4 – 5 times a week (and just like the Weeble toys, one of my yoga teachers says “a wobbly tree is a good tree”).


Tree pose #yoga

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Love & Blessings,



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