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Overcoming Abuse, Anxiety and Overwhelm

help with overcoming anxiety

True story of overcoming anxiety, abuse and overwhelm…

What she really wanted was help with overcoming anxiety, abuse and overwhelm.  What she said was “Hi, I’d like your help to lose weight and lately I’ve been feeling a bit of anxiety and overwhelm. Oh and by the way I am going out of the country in a few days.” Intuitively, I knew this beautiful woman needed my help NOW – BEFORE she left the country. I squeezed her in for a next day appointment and I am so grateful I did!

When I told her we’d meet the next day, I already knew we were NOT going to focus on her weight, because it was just a symptom, not the real issue.

She started the session saying she needed to “go back to the beginning”, and then shared her horrific childhood of physical, emotional and sexual abuse by her family. And the upcoming trip out of the country? Yup – back to see that very same family.

Within the first 10 minutes, she was cocking her head – “what is happening?” We had taken the heavy shame and blame placed on her and moved it – literally, physically moved it so it no longer had the same charge! It was absolutely beautiful to witness this amazing, courageous woman begin to take back her power!

At the end of our hour together, she was saying “I feel happy” (can you believe that she had never said that before in her 49 years on this planet?)! She reported feeling “relaxed, joyful and lighter”. Remember she initially had reached out for help with her weight!

Overcoming anxiety, abuse and overwhelm does not need to be a painful, long drawn out process…

In my over 20 years’ experience, I have come to learn that weight is never the real issue – it is almost always a symptom of deeper problems under the surface. If weight was the real issue, the diet industry wouldn’t be a $40 billion a year industry!

This beautiful woman had been in talk therapy for 7 years, trying to heal from her horrific childhood, all to no avail. Trying to find healing with the conscious mind is ludicrous to me.

Our subconscious minds try to protect us from the trauma, confusion and turmoil we may have experienced as children. So the subconscious mind HAS to be involved in the healing process!

I’ve been so blessed to mentor with some amazing teachers over the years in so many different healing modalities. But my real gift is not in knowing how to use so many different techniques and modalities – it is my gift of intuition, like intuitively knowing that this beautiful woman needed my help ASAP – that makes what I do so individual and effective. Imagine what it was like for this woman to finally learn to LOVE herself and “go home” in a totally different space, with a totally different mindset. I’m so excited to pick up with her again after her trip and hear how it went!

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, overwhelm, insomnia or past abuse, it would be my utmost honor and privilege to assist you to experience profound healing. Together we will transform limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and gently release past trauma, confusion and turmoil. Notice I said gently. With over 20 years’ experience, I know firsthand that healing does NOT have to hurt!

Whatever your past traumas may have been, I can gently assist you in overcoming anxiety, abuse and overwhelm; healing them and freeing you into a life of happiness and joy!

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6 thoughts on “Overcoming Abuse, Anxiety and Overwhelm”

  1. What a lovely story of your gift of intuition and how it told you to squeeze in an appointment for this woman. And what a wonderful gift to see her transform within the hour. I know you have many gifts and this is a great example of all that can be when people reach out. Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

    1. Thank you Deb! I believe we all have the gift of intuition – it’s easiest to access when we can slow down enough to come into this moment. Slowing down seems to be the challenge though, yes?

  2. I can attest from personal experience that this is 100 percent true. I have worked with Stephanie and so has my young son, she is amazing with children. He now has her on speed dial, he has not used it yet… but he knows if he needs help Stephanie is a phone call away. That is incredibly empowering for a teen…. I highly recommend working with Stephanie to painlessly zap through the things that block your happiness.

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