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Politics is Making Us Sick

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​If you support the criminal in the White House, please keep scrolling.

Politics is making us sick and  I just can’t stay quiet any longer.

I woke up to this in my twitter feed from @ECMcLaughlin: “Most of the greatest minds I follow on Twitter are in profound trauma today at how far we have fallen. I personally woke up wanting to hide in bed all day.” WOW, did that hit home for me.

Many of us have been seriously struggling for the past three years because of what is happening politically in our beautiful country.  Arianna Huffington wrote a fabulous article “Politics is making us sick.” She quotes a recent study showing “Nearly 40 percent of Americans said politics was making them feel stressed out.

She goes on to say “When we live in a perpetual cycle of outrage, we’re depleted, run-down, sleep-deprived and, as the new study shows, even physically ill. All of that weakens our ability to take action and change outcomes on the issues we care most about.

What I’m saying is the opposite of “disengage.” I’m saying engage in a way that’s sustainable and productive. That’s the only way to be effective. And that means being very deliberate about stepping out of the storm and into the calm center.”

I bring the calm…that is what I do. I want to help you find your calm center again.

This Sunday, 10/20/19, at 5:00 EDT, I am hosting a semi-private  group healing session to help us come together in community and find our calm center. We will focus on healing, we won’t be talking about politics – that would only get us even more stressed!


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