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Meet Sarah


Sarah Overcoming Fear of FlyingFive years ago Sarah and her Mom first came to my office for help with her fear of flying. They had a family vacation planned and Sarah was not going! NO. WAY. was she going to get on an airplane! Now She’s having a blast piloting an airplane for the

first time this year!

Mom explained they knew exactly when Sarah’s fear of flying began. I smiled and said “maybe, maybe not” (what most people don’t realize is that a problem created in the subconscious mind cannot be resolved with the conscious mind)

Debilitating Fear of Flying To Sky Diving

from childhood trauma and fear of flying to skydiving

Turns out Sarah’s fear was rooted in a situation that had been buried deep in her subconscious mind. We were able to heal it, literally freeing her from her debilitating fear and now here she is SKY DIVING and FLYING an airplane! Amazing, right?

Sarah has now visited all 7 continents! She has a fabulous Social Media following and a thriving business… all based on her travels.

One of the many facets that thrills me about Sarah’s story is, at 19, this beautiful young woman was courageous enough to face her fear and say “I will not allow you to have control over me anymore”! The whole trajectory of her life changed!


Many of us experience fear, without noticing it creeping up, for years on end until one day BAM! We go full on into a sweat-inducing, knee knocking panic attack, and in some cases a trip to the emergency room. (True story!)

But what if we were to notice it earlier and do something about it like Sarah did? That’s a game changer!

Whether it’s a fear of flying, spiders, public speaking or the even more insidious and common deep fear of people finding out “who I really am”, I’ve found it to be 100% true that “a problem created in the subconscious mind cannot be resolved with the conscious mind.”

The other thing I know for certain is that we long for freedom. Whether it’s freedom from a debilitating fear, a habit like smoking or drinking or freedom from limiting beliefs that we unwittingly took on from our parents as young children, it all boils down to fear. Once we are freed from fear, we can live true to ourselves and our dreams!

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