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The Power to Change Your Life

power to change your life

Over the weekend, our family gathered in Blacksburg, Virginia for our son Gregory’s graduation from Virginia Tech.  I was overcome with emotions as he received his Honors diploma from the College of Architecture.  I am so incredibly proud of Greg and our daughter Crissi, who graduated magna cum laude 4 years ago from the University of Hartford.


As parents, most of us want better for their children.  This is certainly the case for us.  Neither my husband, nor I graduated from college, so to see our kids achieve this is absolutely spectacular!  They each realized they have the power to change their life and they worked very, very hard to achieve this!

While my husband and I didn\’t graduate from college, we each have been able to achieve some pretty great things too.  My husband Michael has reinvented himself many times in the changing world we live in, able to continue to be relevant in the whirlwind of changing technology. He has always had the realization that he has the power to change his life.

I have been blessed to have 2 successful careers that I have loved!  Now I am embarking on something new that combines both of those careers.  In the next few weeks I am going to be launching “The Power To Change Your Life” podcast-a weekly conversation with top experts in Self Help and Spirituality.  Already I have either recorded or secured interviews with EFT founder Gary Craig, Joe Vitale from the Secret, Women on Fire founder Debbie Phillips and more.  This is going to be a wonderful vehicle to get amazing information from some of the smartest and inspired teachers of our time.

I’d love to hear who you would like to hear and what you would like to get more information on.  Already I have covered EFT/Tapping, Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, Law of Emergence, the Akashic Records.  What would help you to create Deep & Lasting Transformation in your life?

Please comment below so I can tailor this podcast to really help you!

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2 thoughts on “The Power to Change Your Life”

  1. Congratulations on your son’s achievement and for you and your husband reinventing yourselves. I’ve done that myself a few times over!

    My clients are always asking how can they know if the business I’m helping them build is part of their life purpose. I think it would be beneficial to have experts in that area.

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