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What’s hidden underneath your anxiety?

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What lies hidden underneath anxiety?

In the late 1950s in Thailand, a monastery needed to be relocated for a new highway. Inside the temple was a 12 foot clay Buddha. A crane was brought in to move the giant Buddha, but it was so heavy it began to crack. The decision was made to bring in new equipment the following day. Rain began to fall, so the monks covered the statue with tarps. During the night, the head monk went to go check on the Buddha, shining his flashlight under the tarp to make sure it was dry. To his surprise, he saw a light gleaming back at him. The monk became curious to see what might lie under the clay and began to chip away at the clay. As he did, the light gleamed brighter and brighter. Many hours later, a solid gold Buddha underneath was exposed! This Buddha weighs over 2 1/2 tons and is valued at approximately $200 million!


Hidden under #anxiety

Historians believe that centuries before, the monks who owned the Buddha knew they were about to be attacked and covered the Buddha with clay to keep their enemies from finding it. All of the monks were killed in battle and the secret of the Golden Buddha lay quiet for many centuries.

What I love so much about this story is it is true!! AND that it is the perfect metaphor for us. I believe we all come into this world absolutely perfect — full of Love and Joy. For many different reasons, it’s as if more and more clay is slathered on, we feel more and more anxiety, until we forget who we are at our core – our own “inner Buddha”.

We have the opportunity to reduce our anxiety, uncover our inner gold, our inner beauty and power; we can gently uncover and re-discover our inner Buddha.

I know in my heart and from experience that GENTLE approaches work! I liken our work to that of an archaeologist finding a rare fossil in the desert – they don’t go in with a jackhammer! Rather, they take tiny brushes and smooth away the dirt over and over again, uncovering the beauty of the fossil little by little.

Now, some people may want to take the jackhammer approach, saying “Let’s just get this over with”, but if the monk had done that, it would have chipped and marred the Golden Buddha. My approach is much more gentle, because I want to help you to uncover and rediscover who you really are at your core.

I invite you to take a moment now and close your eyes. Begin to notice your breath without changing it in any way and simply imagine what might lie underneath your surface? If you could reconnect with that beautiful “Golden Buddha” you came into the world as: underneath anxiety, stress, worry and fear, is there room for more joy and laughter, happiness, richer relationships, more financial abundance? The first step is to simply imagine possibilities!

Then you can move on to doing the work. Some of the many techniques I find very useful are EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), meditation, breath work, hypnosis, essential oils, yoga, a good night’s sleep, volunteering (yes, volunteering!), and more.

Henry Ford said many years ago, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”.

Do you think you have an Inner Golden Buddha? Do you think you can gently uncover it and live your most amazing life? Are you ready to experience freedom from the past and embrace what’s possible? Click here for a free 15 minute consultation.




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