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How to Overcome Fear of Needles – Name

fear of needles - GONE!

How to overcome fear of needles from life. That is not something this sweet young girl’s mother ever thought she would get an answer to. Yet, after years of having to be restrained by 2 medical professionals while she was kicking and screaming and flailing around, here she is recently getting her flu shot as calm as can be. Her mom said “Not to be corny, but this was miracle level stuff!”

Fear of needles is a real fear. Studies show about 20% of people have some degree of fear of needles, whether it’s a blood test or shots. There is a specific fear of needles name, but as a hypnotist, I don’t use it because it is naming a type of phobia and I help people over come fears, not phobias, unless with a physician referral.

Typically, I have worked with young children, like the young girl pictured “who went from screaming, flailing, and requiring medical staff to restrain her to get a shot, to this calm, confident, poised young woman who was not phased in the least” according to her mother. She went on to say ” I still can’t believe it. I am in awe. Not to sound corny…but this was miracle level stuff.” -Nina, CT

The Fear of Needles

I have also worked with adults with extreme fear of needles and have struggled with what they deem an irrational fear their entire lives. And yet, I would never call any fear an irrational fear because, after 15 years of helping people overcome their fears, I know that there is always a root cause or event, that when healed allows total freedom and peace!

Interestingly enough, many times the root cause of a fear has nothing to do with the current issue. I once worked with a 14 year old cheerleader for her fear of dogs. It turned out her root cause had nothing to do with dogs, but intense performance anxiety from her very first dance recital. Not only was her fear of dogs gone, she began to excel in her cheerleading. I later heard from her mother that “she no longer threw up on competition days” (which I knew nothing about.)

Overcoming a fear is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself!

She had developed such an intense fear of needles…

When the Coronavirus vaccine is available, don’t you want to be able to receive the shots as calmly as this beautiful young girl? Please don’t let your fear of needles worry you (or your child) into a frenzy. As you can see from this beautiful young girl, freedom is only a few sessions away! I have been working for over 17 years helping people afraid of needles (and virtually for the past 6 years!)

Still curious about how I can help you get over your fear (whether it’s fear of needles, driving, flying or something else), here’s another look at what’s possible!


You can read about Sarah’s story here.

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