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I Became My Own Client

Stephanie Dalfonzo Overcoming Anxiety

“Are you losing your job?” I asked. Hours later, my fear was confirmed. This isn’t the first time my husband has lost his job, however, this is the first time I didn’t let anxiety grab hold of me like the Tasmanian devil and throw me down into a full fledged panic attack!

I became my own client. I immediately started using the tools and techniques I teach my clients. I bathed myself in healing essential oils, I meditated and drank honey lavender tea.  I did something I’ve never done before – I put a post on Facebook, asking for prayers and good thoughts:

I was blown away! Over 100 loving and supportive comments!

It was when I was journaling (a technique I highly recommend!), I was able to clearly see that, while we have been down this path before; this time, with self-knowledge, self-care and self-worth, I was able to process it differently and turn it around much more quickly.

What a gift, not only to myself and my family, but to you too dear reader! Where I used to react to “life events” with fear and anxiety, now I respond with peace and freedom. That ripples out exponentially to all I meet.

Wouldn’t you love to shorten the journey the next time a “life event” pops up for you? (And you know one will – divorce, illness, death, job loss, financial crisis, aging parents, etc., – it’s simply a part of life!) Whether you (or someone you know) is experiencing a life event now or not, NOW is the perfect time to begin your journey from anxiety and fear to peace and freedom.  We’ve all heard the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”


That’s great, but if you don’t have a recipe and don’t know what the ingredients are, you’re stuck with lemons and a sour pus. This personal journey has really clarified for me that I have definitely mastered my craft and I would be honored to share my gift and talents with you. Let me help you find which ingredients (tools and techniques) are what you need for your own personal recipe for lemonade (peace and freedom).

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PS: Where I used to lead with anxiety when crises hit our family, I now lead with peace and freedom – truly solidifying my tagline:


2 thoughts on “I Became My Own Client”

  1. So true, Stephanie. So much can be processed and learned along the journey. It’s true…the roller-coaster ride never ends but you can learn how to maneuver the bumps and wild curves. I still use techniques you taught me when my brother died and keep learning new ones along the way.

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